1)"Earth - England - Sherwood Forest - 11190 A.D."


2)"Robin Hood laughs in the face of all!" "And do people ever punch you in the face when you do that?"


3)"I am the Doctor, and this is my spoon!"


4)A miniscope!" A callback to "Carnival of Monsters".


5)"I am totally against bantering!"


6)"Shut it, Hoodie!"


7)I like the whole dynamic between the Doctor and Robin Hood, what with the Doctor refusing to believe that Robin is real, and Robin refusing to take the Doctor seriously.


8)"'Soiled myself'?" "Did you? That's getting into character!"


9)More robots eeeking out the Promised Land, whatever that turns out to be.


10)"Who will rid me of this turbulent Doctor?"  So, the doctor's Thomas à Becket, now?


11)I don't buy the bit with the arrow somehow fixng the engine. It's pure Plot Convenience Playhouse.


12)"I'm just as real as you are." I'm a sucker for stories where legendary characters turn  out to be real. That said, Robin was was maybe a little too much like the legends, enohg so that I figured the reveal was going to have to be that he was a fake.


Overall: I enjoyed this. I'm liking Capaldi's Doctor. for some reaosn, I'm finding it easier to identify with an argumentative old sod than I did with  the handsome young dashing types that came before him.

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9)More robots seeking out the Promised Land, whatever that turns out to be.


It struck me that "Deep Breath" and this episode would have been combined into a six-parter in the Pertwee era.

Also, was Robin Hood actually wearing a hoodie?

I think it's going to take me a while to warm up to this Doctor.

Sorry for the editing, Mark. It's me and not you, but don't abbreviate "Doctor" when referring to the character, please.

Why not?

I'm liking Capaldi's Doctor.  For some reason, I'm finding it easier to identify with an argumentative old sod than I did with  the handsome young dashing types that came before him.

I know exactly how you feel.

I like the fact that he's consistent -- In the space of 2 episodes, Capaldi has played the Doctor in both a highly dramatic story and a frankly silly one, and it felt like fundamentally the same character (who "worked" in both of them).  That is, I didn't feel like the guy making sarcastic comments about Robin Hood was acting "out of character" for the guy who tossed a tracking device to a doomed soldier last week.

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

Why not?

It's his name, not his title, and it's tradition.

Jenna Coleman looks quite appealing in period garb.

There were many references to Errol Flynn's The Adventures of Robin Hood presented including dropping his name and his signature sword maneuver.

But I'm glad Robin was real as opposed to a robot or an accomplice. Was the Doctor really jealous of Clara's adulation of Robin? The rivalry was the best part of the episode, including Clara's reaction to it. When he saw the robot knights, he was relieved! He was finally in his element, back to being the "hero" of the story.

Why did Marion's kiss affect him so?

My main disappointment was the treatment of Little John as some big guy channeling Andre the Giant's massive fro!

I could be the only one noticing this and I just mentioned a little while ago on Facebook but isn't The Sheriff of Nottingham a bang on lookalike of Anthony Ainley? Now, if Moffatt REALLY wanted to impress me, we would have had a reveal in the story where we find out that it was The Master. THAT would have been a great twist.

I realize that we have Time Lords meeting, generally, at the same points in their timelines but when Delgado came on the scene we have no idea if he was the first or the last regeneration. All we know is when Deadly Assassin came out, the burned version was the last regeneration. We could have the Twelfth Doctor meeting, say the Third Master and The Doctor can't say anything to The Master about what he knows his future holds for him.

Yeah, he did look a bit like Ainley, didn't he? Of course, the whole story was a bit reminiscent of "The King's Demons".

If Robin had turned out to be Chameleon, that would have sealed the deal.

And then I would have killed myself.

I’m liking the Capaldi Doctor. He may not be my favorite overall (but then again he might), but he is certainly my favorite of the four (or five, if you include John Hurt) new ones. This episode put me in the mood to watch the Errol Flynn movie. I’d be surprised if "I am the Doctor, and this is my spoon!" isn’t on a t-shirt already.

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