Part One:

1)He's trusting Turlough to work on the TARDIS now?


2)A crack in a wall portending trouble for the Doctor? Hmmm....


3)A callback to "The Visitation"...


4)Cliffhanger: Lots of smoke comes out of the wall!


Part Two:

5)The Malus - and its amazing evil space power of being extremely unconvincing!


6)I laughed out loud at the part where the guy sucker-punched Turlough.


7)"You speak treason!" "Fluently!"


8)"They burned the Queen of the May!" "The toast of Little Hodcombe."


9)"I quite miss that brown liquid they drink here." "Ale?" "Tea."


Overall: Well, that was fiarly insubstantial - but, on the other hand, it was quite short.


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You know, for decades, I never thought much of this story.  But when I re-watched my entire WHO collection in sequence again last year, this one actually stood out for me as one of the first times Peter Davison REALLY impressed me in his portrayal of The Doctor.  He was still doing that stupid thing with letting just about every person who crossed his path into the TARDIS (what was he thinking???), but otherwise, he seemed to be finally starting to fall into the role, which for 2 entire seasons had somehow escaped him.  (I blame bad writing-- and story editing.)


He was even better in FRONTIOS.  I recall the first time I saw that, not liking it because it was SO gloomy and hopeless (at first), and it seemed a real disappointment compared to LOGOPOLIS and CASTROVALVA (all 3 written by Christopher H. Bidmead).  But this time around, CHB's 1st 2 stories BOTH rubbed me the wrong way for their chaotic fanboy excesses, while FRONTIOS seemed very well-structured and told.  Now I wish Bidmead had stuck around longer.


I particularly liked the scene where The Doctor tries to save Tegan's life by conning the Gravus into thinking she's a robot...


"I got this one CHEAP because the walk's not quite right. And then of course there's the ACCENT..."


The look on Tegan's face when he says this is really "if looks could kill".  Can you imagine Colin Baker delivering that line?? HE would have put her in her place soon enough! Honestly, a "REAL" Doctor would never have put up with her for long.

...aaaaand that's it for Peter Davison's run; another Doctor's tenure completely collected on DVD. So many times in these discussions someone comments on a six-parter that should have been a four-parter or a four-parter that shuld have been a two-parter. Here's a good example of a solid two-part story actually told in two parts. It's a good thing it wasn't stretched to four as so many others have been.
I love the IMDB.  I watched THE AWAKENING multiple times, and never once connected that the villain was the SAME guy who was in IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL!  (He also played a Scotland Yard inspector in 3 episodes of Jeremy Brett's SHERLOCK HOLMES.)

It's kinda like, the first time I saw THE HAPPINESS PATROL, it never crossed my mind that the Census Bureau guy had previously been the main villain in... THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI.

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