Doctor Who Reactions: "The Woman Who Fell To Earth" (SPOILERS)

1)"Sorry. Half an hour ago I was a white-haired Scotsman."

2)"We don't get aliens in Sheffield".  Really? the number of mass invasions they've had in the new series alone should mean that no one doubts the existence of aliens.

3)I had to look up "dispraxia". I'd never heard of it.

4)"I never go anywhere that's just initials."   Except for UNIT, of course.

5)I think that might be the first time that we've seen the Doctor with hir finger up hir nose.

6)"She's got two separate pulses."

7)DNA Bombs? That's new.

8)"I'm...not yet who I am."

9)"I'm good at building things. Probably."

10)The spoon!  A callback to "Robot of Sherwood".

11)"Only idiots carry knives."  OK.

12)"Eat my salad, 'Alloween!"  Not the best last words.  An old Doctor Who staple, the random hobo who gets killed by the story's heel.

13)"Which one of you shall I kill first?"  "I vote none of us."

14)"A Stenza warrior wears his conquests."  The Stenza are new.

15)"Tim Shaw?"

16)"Did he just saw I had a small mind?"

17)"Tim Shaw is a big blue cheat."

18)"I am special. I am valued. Somebody out there wants me."  Heh-heh-heh...

19)"I'm really craving a fried egg sandwich."  Ew.

20)"These legs definitely used to be longer."

21)"I'm the Doctor, sorting out fair play throughout the universe."  Yes, you are. I accept you as the Doctor without reservation.

22)I had a feeling that Grace was doomed. They did a good job of making us like here in a short time.

23)I like that Ryan didn't magically learn how to ride his bike at the end.

24)The scene with the Doctor talking about hir family reminds me of the scene in "Tomb of the Cybermen" where the Troughton Doctor talked to Victoria about the same subject.

25)"It's been a long time since I bought women's clothes."

Cliffhanger:  The Doctor and hir new chums are lost in space!

Overall: I liked it - a  lot. I like Whittaker as the Doctor, I think the new companions show promise, and the Stenza was an interesting heel.  I'm hopeful for the show's future.

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Whenever someone we know starts watching Doctor Who, Tracy likes to share the cartoon above and I like to share the quotation (Michael Chabon) below. It’s not really relevant for the current series, but if you’re planning to watch starting with the 2005 revival, it’s perfect.

“If you aren’t watching and loving the glorious new BBC incarnation of Doctor Who, geeking out on the mythos of Daleks and Time Lords and Cybermen, swooning to the polysexual heroics of Captain Jack Harkness, aching over the quantum transdimensional heartache of Rose Tyler, and granting yourself the supreme and steady pleasure of watching the dazzling Scottish actor David Tennant go about the business of being the tenth man to embody the time-and-space traveling Doctor on television since the show’s debut in 1963, then I pity you with the especial harsh pity of the geek.”

The idea of an older male companion may not appeal to you, but it's a fairly new thing for the show. 

For the new series, I can't think of anyone much beyond Donna's grandfather. 

I always thought he added a lot to his episodes, (more than Donna half the time).

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