Anybody play D&D? Played D&D?


My comic shop hosts D&D encounters every Wednesday. The newest session is starting up soon. I've never played D&D in my life but have been curious about it. Tonight was character creation. I  sat down with one of the DMs and created a Changeling thief. I'm looking forward to the first adventure next week. Not sure if it's something I'll stick with but I thought I'd give it a shot. I even bought a set of dice tonight as well.


Any tips for a rookie?


If you play do you have a particular type of character you prefer? Did I make the right decision with the Changeling thief?

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Yeah, Randy has some good tips on creating a back story for your character. That always helps. I like to have my character know a character or two already in the group. It makes it easier and more realistic the band gets together. Like my Warlock was at the school of magic with our wizard, and he ran around with a group of rogues, so he also knew the thief.

In your introduction get into what your character looks like, that will give the others an idea of what you are by that. "A black hooded cloak with leather armor, etc, etc." I hope that makes sense.

I'll whip up a backstory and see what you guys think. At this time I don't know who I'm playing with. Since this is an organized event with an 1-2 hour adventure chances are I'll be playing with different folks every week. I'll do a quick background and maybe you can help me with tips on the intro. Keep in mind I am wholey unfamiliar with D&D lore. I've done some research but there's a lot too look at.


Another thing about this season of D&D Encounters, everyone had to pick a faith for their character. The options were New Lawbringer faith or the Old Faith. There wasn't a place for it on the character sheet but is something we have to keep in mind. Apparently that plays a big part in this season.


For those not familiar with D&D Encounters here's some info.


For D&D Encounters (which I believe is the remnants of the old RPGA) chances are no one will even ask you about your character and his/her backstory. A lot of the folks who play that either come as a group (everyone already knows one another), drop-in gamers looking to push their characters up a level or newbies like yourself who just want to give it a shot.

So don't expect anyone to want to know much of your backstory .... buuuut as a guy who loves to play the game for its role-playing aspects, I'm all about backstories! It's what gets me interested in my character, the equipment he carries and gives him a reason to do the things he does.

When I introduce myself to a group like that, I offer a few things to signal the other players what I am without totally spelling it out: I'm a human male, brown hair and a shifty set of eyes. Even though I'm sitting at the table you can see my hand is resting on the handle of my dagger as we first introduce ourselves. As we talk, you notice a pocket in my cloak with a set of thin tools inside. Slung on my back is a crossbow and there's a hand-axe looped into my belt.

Since this is a bunch of short adventures, don't hesitate to switch to another group after your adventure is done (assuming everyone at the new group is about the same level as you). Just bounce around and you'll see a lot of variety in the way people play, role-play and chatter during lulls in the game.

Well I survived my first D&D encounter! The DM had helped me design my character and had given my character some cool moves. The opening of the game was a battle and I used my stealthy moves with my basic attack. Fortunatley I had a hot hand with the dice and inflicted a lot of damage. No injuries to me!


It was fun, it'll take some getting use to the way you play. It's different than anything I've played.


The event was fast an loose. Nobody took it too seriously and everyone at my table was very helpful.


As far as my intro I said that I traveled from town to town looking for adventure and riches. That I was good with weapons. They knew I was a theif which is fine. I told them I was human. So they don't know I'm a changeling. I didn't have an opportunity to use my changeling abilities. However, I chatted with the DM afterwards and he said there might be an opportunity for that next week.

I miss playing. I haven't played in about 10 years.

Sounded like a good start for you.

Sounds like a good time, Jason! I'm glad you had fun.

Four weeks in and I'm still enjoying D&D. I didn't reveal I was a Changeling until the 3rd week. It's fun because I use heroclix for my character. I bought a bunch of Heroclix because I like them even though I don't play. When ever I have my character change forms, I pick another Heroclix that would be appropriate for whatever form I choose. The other players seem to get a kick out of it.


This weekend I was in Jacksonville visiting my aunt. My cousin collects the figures that you hand paint. He has a ton of them some Warhammer some LOTR. I tried my hand at painting a LOTR ranger. It was the closest thing that fit my thief character since it had a hood and a mask covering his mouth. It turned out pretty good.

I hadn't played D&D ever until two summers ago at karate summer camp. The group of guys (we've played probably five or six times total) is great. We just dick around and laugh out loud all the way through. We actually got together a couple weeks ago to play again. In the original story (which lasted about four or five play nights), I was a pistol wielding gunman named Night Train. I was a sharp-shooter only when drunk. In the latest iteration, I'm a scholar. I like being the scholar a lot more, but had a lot of fun as Night Train as well.

I tried painting my own figurines back in the day, but I don't have the patience to do it. My brother was awesome at it. I still have a couple he painted wrapped very carefully from our Champions days.

The DM of my campaign is really good at it as well. My first character in his campaign is a Halfling warlock, and he asked me what he wore, and then he painted a figure for me. Which I thought was really cool.

I'm glad you're having fun with it, Jason. I played a lot in school just because it was cheap entertainment.

The my first session of D&D Encounters ended a few weeks ago. The last encounter was a wild one. The table I was playing at primarily every week had 3 strikers and 1 defender. We had a wizard who joined in (a bladesinger) from time to time. We did not have one healer except for maybe one week. The last adventure we played consisted of my changeling theif, a goliath warden, an elf bladesinger (more of a fighting wizard rather than a stand back and do spells wizard) and a new guy who played a drow (dark elf) archer. We were in the Caves of Chaos battling a soceress and her minions. We had three magical items to dispose of to shut off some magical well and cut off the scoreress's powers and her minions. Of course we didn't realize right away that our enemies were tied to this well and the items. Our Bladesinger elected to carry the items and took too long get to the altars to destroy the items. We learned that unless it was a D20 roll, the minions would rise again after being killed. The wizard managed to destroy one item but then was knocked out. He failed his 3 saving throws and was dead. So no wizard. I got down to 1 hit point. I managed to critical hit one minion and used my charisma to dispose of an item. Then got hit and was knocked out to -14 hit points. One more and I'd be automatically dead. I succeeded a saving throw and our Warden was able to destroy the last item. I forgot how but I was healed back and dealt the death blow to the main baddie. Then we got the heck out of there.


The new season started this week. We got to start with level 3 characters. I could have used my theif again since I ended with him at level 3. I elected to try a new character though. I went with a human bard. I really like the bard. I have few healing powers and a lot of powers that help my allies' defenses as well as give them some combat advantage. Plus at level 3 we can use magic items. So that's cool. I named by bard Grohl after Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. We had six people at the table this time. More of a balance. There's my bard, a half-elf druid, a half-elf scorceress which is considered a striker, a dwarf fighter, a human fighter and a gnome who is a sha'ir which is an elemental chaos wizard. He's a good guy but a lot of his moves can damage allies as well. The Scoresses has powers that can do the same. Anyways it was a good time.

I love playing bards -- I played a 3rd-edition bard named Bran Yaur (after the Zeppelin song "Bran Y-aur Stomp") for years, and had an absolute blast with him. Right now I'm playing a 19th level drow storm sorcerer -- we're right on the cusp of Epic level; it's really exciting to see what we can do.

Meanwhile, I'm also playing a witch in a Pathfinder game -- I've fashioned him like a voodoo priest, calling him Papa Augustyn. We just turned 3rd level at the end of last week's game. I was just happy to survive.. we had some pretty rough encounters.

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