Anybody play D&D? Played D&D?


My comic shop hosts D&D encounters every Wednesday. The newest session is starting up soon. I've never played D&D in my life but have been curious about it. Tonight was character creation. I  sat down with one of the DMs and created a Changeling thief. I'm looking forward to the first adventure next week. Not sure if it's something I'll stick with but I thought I'd give it a shot. I even bought a set of dice tonight as well.


Any tips for a rookie?


If you play do you have a particular type of character you prefer? Did I make the right decision with the Changeling thief?

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We're still early in this Encounter but I'm already thinking of my next character. If the next Encounter will start at a higher level like 6, I will likely keep the same bard. We started at level 3 and will be ending at level 6. Last night's adventure was a lot of fun. We had seven people at the table. Took a little while but still a good time.


I've heard some people say they prefer Pathfinder. Anyone have an opinion one way or the other?

I think the enjoyment you'll get out of any RPG depends more on the DM than the system. I tend to like 4th Edition D&D more than Pathfinder -- for physical powered characters, particularly, it gives them more to do, and it tends to equalize the amount of time each person's turn takes. (This is a bigger deal at higher levels; high level fighters in Pathfinder roll a few times and are done; wizards' turns somehow always take FOREVER.) But I've got some friends who love Pathfinders more free-form system of magic, and it's made some good strides in giving high level fighter-types more options, too. 

Ok cool.Thanks, Rob.


Anybody play the other Wizards of the Coast RPGs like Dark Sun or Gamma World? I've heard good things about both.

I think the enjoyment you'll get out of any RPG depends more on the DM than the system.

Ding! Ding! Ding! I can pretty much roll with any of the rules as long as I am having fun, and a good GM certainly does that. I have some friends that get so hung up on rules they don't like that it ruins the game for them.

Also, I guess I can call my current D&D group dead. We haven't played since last August? September? And the DM I know if playing in a White Wolf campaign. I will miss those characters I really liked them. It isn't often I play non-humans, but I was having fun with the halfling and half-elf.

The game I was DMin last played in November... and we're playing again this weekend! Their mission: to kidnap a Kardashian -- a hard-partying, (and supposedly kidnapped) princess running wild in a secluded island city. Gotta find my all prep.

Gotta find my all prep.

Watching TMZ?

Don't know what happened there. Meant to write "gotta find all my prep," but I probably inserted "all" late, and in the wrong place.

And yeah, I had them all set up for a "rescue the captured princess" storyline, when out of the blue I decided to give them a swerve.

Two weeks ago I finished up the latest season of D&D encounters. It ended pretty well. I had a lot of fun playing a Bard. The new season starts this week. I will be playing a Dragonborn Warden. I gave him a backstory that usually doesn't come into play too much in Encounters but I thought it'd be fun anyways. My character was abandoned by a Dwarven mine when he was young and was raised by the Dwarves. He soon became much larger than the Dwarves and became the protector of their land. I named him Fafnir Lightningtooth. It is a very Dwarven sounding name. Fafnir comes from a Norse myth about a Dwarf who kills his brothers and steals there gold. He goes into hiding with the gold and becomes a dragon. The lightningtooth part is because I gave him lightning dragon breath and some lightning based powers.


Today my shop is hosting a D&D day which will be a playtest for D&D Next. I'm planning on participating.

Nice backstory, Jason. I always try give my characters a backstory as well, otherwise I just never connect with them.

Me too... my newest character is an elf, and I realized I had about 150 years to keep track of...!

I played my first home campaign on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I was a half-elf invoker.

I'm thinking of trying my hand at DMing (too soon?). It looks like fun, with a bit of hard work as well. I may in the fall try running a table at Encounters on Wednesday nights. Prior to that I'd like to run a home game to see how I do. I've got players in mind to invite. My questions is this how hard is it to create an original adventure? I've got something in mind as far as story goes. There might be a pregenerated adventure that would work well or something that I can easily modify. I have  a friend with the materials for the maps and the NPC and monster characters so I'm covered there. My idea was to do a stand alone adventure with the options left open for further adventures with the characters. I plan on doing a ocean 11's type deal with the characters as hired guns trying to steal an object. I plan to tell my players to choose whatever they like to play but do find classes and races that can do some sleuthing as well.

My friend used to use premade adventures to start, but modified them to include whatever he felt would fit for that adventure. After a few of these, he started creating his own adventures.

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