The arrival of Weird Fantasy Vol. 3 had the usual effect series collections have on me, making me wonder how close we were to finishing that series. In this case, that also means, by extension, the EC line.

I have cause to worry -- Dark Horse's track record on series collections isn't good. Currently it appears that the Tarzan, Archie and Crime Does Not Pay series have all stalled at nowhere near the end.

Anyway, I felt we were close enough to make a summary worthwhile. Here's where I think we are:


Aces High: Five issues collected in EC Archives: Aces High Vol. 1.

Extra!: Five issues collected in EC Archives: Extra! Vol. 1.

Incredible Science Fiction: Four issues collected in EC Archives: Incredible Science Fiction Vol. 1.

Panic: 12 issues collected in EC Archives: Panic Vols. 1-2.

Shock SuspenStories: 18 issues collected in EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories Vols. 1-3.

Crypt of Terror/Tales from the Crypt: 30 issues collected in EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Vols. 1-5.

Valor: Five issues collected in EC Archives: Valor Vol. 1.

Weird Science: 22 issues collected in EC Archives: Weird Science Vols. 1-4.


Haunt of Fear: Fifth and final volume scheduled for Oct. 23.

Vault of Horror: Fifth and final volume scheduled for Dec. 28.

Piracy: One volume, scheduled for Feb. 26, 2019


Crime SuspenStories #19-27: The first 18 issues have been collected in EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories Vols. 1-3..

Frontline Combat #7-15. The first six issues have been collected in Frontline Combat Vol. 1.

Impact! #1-5.

M.D. #1-5.

Psychoanalysis #1-5.

Two-Fisted Tales #36-41: Issues #18-35 have been collected in Two-Fisted Tales Vols. 1-3.

War Against Crime! #7-11: First six issues scheduled to be collected on Aug. 28 in EC Archives: War Against Crime! Vol. 1.

Weird Fantasy #19-22: The first 18 issues have been collected in EC Archives: Weird Fantasy Vols. 1-3.

Weird Science-Fantasy #25-26: Weird Science-Fantasy picked up the numbering of Weird Science with issue #23 and turned into Incredible Science Fiction with issue #30. Issues #23-24 were included in Werid Science Vol. 4, and issues #27-29 were included in Incredible Science Fiction Vol. 1. (I suspect these two issues will be collected with the last four issues of Weird Fantasy, for the standard six-issue package. But I don't know that for sure.)

I'm not including MAD, since DC Comics has that franchise now (and has reprinted all the comic book issues in MAD Archives Vols. 1-4). I'm also not including the Picto-Fiction line, which consisted of B&W magazines.

Did I miss anything? Who else is collecting these? And who's with me on wanting a few more pre-"New Trend" titles like Crime Patrol, Land of the Lost and Moon Girl?

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It seems to be widely believed he wrote all the Silver Age stuff. The pre-Silver Age period is different. Frank Belknap Long wrote many of the stories in the first issues of Adventures into the Unknown.

Circa 1960 there was a period when many stories were introduced by talking heads representing the writers and artists. The artists were the real guys, the writers never were, except in the case of that one Leon Lazarus story. (I have no idea if that's what he really looked like.) I think fandom inferred from this that the Silver Age writers were all really Hughes. And there are traits that appear all over the place, such as the use of the sound effect "pouf".

But the variation in style is great. "The Train That Vanished" (Forbidden Worlds #75) and "When the Earth Went Mad!" (Adventures into the Unknown #164), both attributed to Jonathan Burns, read like stories from Jack Schiff's uncanny titles at DC (Tales of the Unexpected etc.) At the other extreme there's the crazy Herbie stuff, and any number of goofy or carelessly-plotted stories.

"Master of His Fate!" from Forbidden Worlds #131 (Ace Aquila) is evidently a repurposed "Man in Black" story. This was a feature Bob Powell drew in several periods. Martin O'Hearn attributes him with writing it. My guess is he at least sometimes used scripts by others and reworked them, and this is an unused one.

The framework of "Whatever Did Happen to the Earth?" in Forbidden Worlds #133 (Ace Aquila) is a parody of Gardner Fox's Space Museum stories.

I've listed the credits I've been able to find, except for Herbie, in a word document. (My document starts a bit before the credits start. For those issues I've credited the artist when the art was signed.) The romance issues I checked didn't have credits, and there are a few issues from the era I haven't been able to check or have only seen some stories from. The stories in Herbie usually had credits, but not always. The credit for the text story "She's Just Nervous" from Midnight Mystery #2 is from a later letters page. The stories were commonly retitled when reprinted. I think "Fanfare series" and "Mysteries of the Unknown" were always used on reprints, but I haven't checked this. Let me know if the link doesn't work. It doesn't for me, but I'm posting from a library and that might be because of its security system. ACG%20stories.docx

Richard Willis said:

Since he was the editor, I wonder if he might have assigned writer names to stories at random? All of them except his own were pseudonyms.

It's very possible. There are cases where stories attributed to a pseudonym vary quite a lot. I hope not, because the ACG credits might be our best guide to some writers' range otherwise.

The credit box on that "The Luck of Ivar Kron!" page at Heritage is evidently pasted on, and there are cases where a story had credits when it first appeared and not when reprinted, which could be because the credit box was pasted on and had fallen off. The printed version of "The Luck of Ivar Kron!" doesn't have that credit box, but instead intro heads flanking the title, so I don't know how it got there.

"DICK BRIEFER'S FRANKENSTEIN: More on this situation as it develops."

PS Artbooks has not responded to my inquiry, but yesterday I was cut off in traffic by a woman whose license plate read "SOFTEE." 

I knew there was one person behind all of this!! 

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"DICK BRIEFER'S FRANKENSTEIN: More on this situation as it develops."

PS Artbooks has not responded to my inquiry, but yesterday I was cut off in traffic by a woman whose license plate read "SOFTEE." 

Captain Comics said:

Still missing “Frontline Combat” #13-15, aren’t we?

EC Archives Frontline Combat v3 (collecting #12-15) has been solicited for October 6 release. 

Did you all see that Dark Horse is releasing TPB for these? They started with Tales from the Crypt Vol 1.

I am curious if:

  1. They will really do all of them in TPB? (I have my doubts)
  2. If they'll do the Gemstone volumes with Dark Horse branding. I am such a shelf snob, that having all the logos match on the books would be a dream! haha

PS ARTBOOKS: The thing about PS Artbooks offering the first volume of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein in "softee" format before hardcover got me thinking about other series, and I finally got around to checking two of their longest-running series.

PLANET COMICS: Hardcover is up to v14 (#73); softee v10 (#30), so that's okay. BUT...

FORBIDDEN WORLDS: Hardcover v12 (#76); softee v17 (#106). 

EC: In other news, Saddle Justice shipped this week.

I've got my Saddle Justice, podnuh!

And Amazon has listed these books:

EC Archives: MD (Aug. 31)

EC Archives: Frontline Combat Vol. 3 (Oct. 26)

EC Archives: Crime Illustrated (Dec. 14)

EC Archives: Terror Illustrated (Feb. 15, 2022)

EC Archives: Gunfighter (April 19, 2022)

Jeff of Earth-J: You say that Dick Briefer's Frankenstein Vol. 1 is coming out in Softee before HC. Do you know for sure that it is coming out in HC? Forbidden Worlds and Adventures into the Unknown are Softee-only after volume 12 of each -- the company said so when they switched over. Believe me, I'd be happy to wait for HC in all of these cases, but I'm getting the two suspense books in Softee because I don't believe HC will ever happen. Do you have reason to believe that Frankenstein will be different?

At this point I do not believe the missing volumes of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein will ever come out in hardcover from PS Artbooks.

The missing material is just Volumes 1 and 2, right? Well, if they come out in Softee, I'll get 'em. Once a completist, always a completist. Even if my bookshelf looks like a patchwork quilt!

The "softee" version has been solicited for September 1 release, but that's not a reliable indicator for PS Artbooks.

Ships this week:

Dramatic tales of medicine and surgery, and of modern medicine's constant struggle against illness and injury. The doctor is the hero of these stories, where diseases can be just as deadly as a murderer.

This hardcover volume collects the complete run of MD, recolored digitally using the original palette, featuring art by legendary comics talents Reed Crandall, Joe Orlando, Graham Ingels, and George Evans.

EC Archives: MD finishes "New Direction" collections. I think only one Picto-Fiction has been collected, so I'll want the other three. That would leave us with just pre-New Trend books, most of which I'm not really all that interested in. (Except Moon Girl. I know, I know, the advice on this board is that it's terrible. But its multiple genre and title changes are so eccentric that I just want to stare at them, like a car wreck.)

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