The arrival of Weird Fantasy Vol. 3 had the usual effect series collections have on me, making me wonder how close we were to finishing that series. In this case, that also means, by extension, the EC line.

I have cause to worry -- Dark Horse's track record on series collections isn't good. Currently it appears that the Tarzan, Archie and Crime Does Not Pay series have all stalled at nowhere near the end.

Anyway, I felt we were close enough to make a summary worthwhile. Here's where I think we are:


Aces High: Five issues collected in EC Archives: Aces High Vol. 1.

Extra!: Five issues collected in EC Archives: Extra! Vol. 1.

Incredible Science Fiction: Four issues collected in EC Archives: Incredible Science Fiction Vol. 1.

Panic: 12 issues collected in EC Archives: Panic Vols. 1-2.

Shock SuspenStories: 18 issues collected in EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories Vols. 1-3.

Crypt of Terror/Tales from the Crypt: 30 issues collected in EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Vols. 1-5.

Valor: Five issues collected in EC Archives: Valor Vol. 1.

Weird Science: 22 issues collected in EC Archives: Weird Science Vols. 1-4.


Haunt of Fear: Fifth and final volume scheduled for Oct. 23.

Vault of Horror: Fifth and final volume scheduled for Dec. 28.

Piracy: One volume, scheduled for Feb. 26, 2019


Crime SuspenStories #19-27: The first 18 issues have been collected in EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories Vols. 1-3..

Frontline Combat #7-15. The first six issues have been collected in Frontline Combat Vol. 1.

Impact! #1-5.

M.D. #1-5.

Psychoanalysis #1-5.

Two-Fisted Tales #36-41: Issues #18-35 have been collected in Two-Fisted Tales Vols. 1-3.

War Against Crime! #7-11: First six issues scheduled to be collected on Aug. 28 in EC Archives: War Against Crime! Vol. 1.

Weird Fantasy #19-22: The first 18 issues have been collected in EC Archives: Weird Fantasy Vols. 1-3.

Weird Science-Fantasy #25-26: Weird Science-Fantasy picked up the numbering of Weird Science with issue #23 and turned into Incredible Science Fiction with issue #30. Issues #23-24 were included in Werid Science Vol. 4, and issues #27-29 were included in Incredible Science Fiction Vol. 1. (I suspect these two issues will be collected with the last four issues of Weird Fantasy, for the standard six-issue package. But I don't know that for sure.)

I'm not including MAD, since DC Comics has that franchise now (and has reprinted all the comic book issues in MAD Archives Vols. 1-4). I'm also not including the Picto-Fiction line, which consisted of B&W magazines.

Did I miss anything? Who else is collecting these? And who's with me on wanting a few more pre-"New Trend" titles like Crime Patrol, Land of the Lost and Moon Girl?

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Or Korak.

Fortunately, all of Silver Age Tower (excepting U.N.D.E.R.S.E.A. Agent), Solar Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, Mighty Samson, Silver Age Captain Atom, Silver Age Blue Beetle and Silver Age Question have been completed. Gold Key Star Trek is complete, as is Silver Age The Phantom (from all its publishers) and Herbie.

I'm not sure where we are on the rest of the Gold Key and Charlton action heroes titles. That would include Mandrake, Judomaster, Sarge Steel, Son of Vulcan, Nuklon, Fightin' Five, Peter Cannon Thunderbolt, Lost in Space and Peacemaker in the Silver Age, and Dagar, Doctor Spektor and other titles I'm not familiar with in the Bronze Age. Also, DH seemed to give up on Boris Karloff pretty quickly.

I have most of these titles complete in floppies, but many are 50 or 60 years old and I'm reluctant to remove them from their sleeves. So I'm as eager for reprints as the next fanatical completist.

Actually, I DO have that. But I got it back in 2010, and I didn't recall what was in it!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Did you miss Archie Firsts? It's like the "zero" volume of the Archie Archives series. It reprints significant first issues and first apearances.

You must have blinked. There is a collection of UNDERSEA Agent available (or at least the completre Gil Kane UNDERSEA Agent).

You know what else is available? The complete run of of the JSA in All Star Comics. That used to be the gold standard of comics fandom. Now I have the whole thing in hardcover.

All-Star is still the gold standard!

Also, that UNDERSEA Agent is $5.81 in HC. What the what! Ordered!

I picked up a used copy, too -- came to a little over $8, including shipping. 

I have really enjoyed picking up some of the other collections from this, such as the ones based around artists, like Steve Ditko, Bernie Wrightson, Richard Corben, and then one that collects Hunter. It seems like there are more along that line as well.

Captain Comics said:

This seems like a good place to mention this, too:

Dark Horse's archiving of Warren's Creepy and Eerie are nearing the end as well. Creepy Archives Vol. 26 is already on the way, and that leaves a likely three volumes to the end. Eerie has a likely four volumes left. (I can't be more precise, because I don't know how many reprints might be in play as the two series ground to a halt; DH skips stories that have already appeared earlier in the series.) Warren-era Vampirella, which was archived by Dynamite, is already complete.

Warren also published a series called The Rook, which launched from Eerie. I was about a time-traveling scientist who affected Western gear, with his crotchedy great-grandfather (who really was from the Old West) and a robot for comedy relief. Dark Horse is reprinting that magazine as well.

Ditto to what Rob said. Seriously, I can add no more.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

I'm not collecting them in a completist sense -- just picking up a volume here and there -- but I'm glad to see how many volumes are already out there, and that Shock SuspenStories, probably my favorite title, for its variety, is already completed.

Some issues of All-Star Comics had short items in addition to their JSA stories which weren't reprinted in the archives (according to the GCD). For example, #50 had a three-pager with art by Frank Frazetta. 13 of the later issues had "Johnny Peril's Surprise Story!" stories. The GCD credits the pencils of most of them to Peril's creator, Howard Purcell.

Gil Kane only did a minority of the Undersea Agent stories: four stories and two covers. Two of the stories were short (10 and 13 pages) and the others were 20.

I've received my UNDERSEA Agent by Gil Kane, and it is a mighty slim volume. I wasn't expecting it to be comprehensive (I sure hope that happens someday), but this was just a taste. I'm not sure any of these stories even mention what the acronym stood for.

Warren also published a science fiction magazine initially named 1984, later named 1994. I haven't heard any plans for it to be archived.

"I've received my UNDERSEA Agent by Gil Kane, and it is a mighty slim volume."

Yeah, but you got it for six bucks. And it's a harcover.

The new Fantastic Four #1 and Infinity Wars #1 each cost six bucks.

Think of it that way.

Good news, everyone! Two more EC Archives have been announced for 2019, which will polish off two more series. Two-Fisted Tales Vol 4 is scheduled for April, completing that series. Weird Fantasy Vol 4 will include the last four issues of that title, and (as I hoped) the two unreprinted issues of Weird Science-Fantasy. 

At the end of 2019, all we will lack to finish New Trend are two volumes of Crime SuspenStories and two volumes of Frontline Combat. All we’ll need to finish New Direction are one volume each of M.D. and Impact!

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