Who's your favorite Post Silver Age Batman villain.  Not necessarily the best or the brightest, but the one you enjoy reading about the most?

Since most people here have different ideas on when the Silver Age ended, let's say for this particular post that it's around the time that Denny O'Neil started writing the stories.

For me, I'm going to go with the Ventriloquist.  Sure R'as Al Ghul is more popular, but I've always found him annoying in many ways.  However, something about a Ventriloquist who's also a crime boss really appeals to me.

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I liked the original version of Killer Croc as Philip summed him up.

I also liked the "one off" villain Brimstone from B&B 200.  The straight laced Earth One business man being taken over by his Earth Two doppelganger was kind of cool.

My apologies.  I meant villains created during the Post-Silver Age.

Kirk G said:

Yeah, I'm with you on this one.

George Poague said:

All the villains (Joker, Hugo Strange, etc.) in the Steve Englehart-Marshall Rogers issues of Detective.

Of the new villains introduced in the earlier 80s (the Gerry Conway era), I'd nominate Colonel Blimp.

Randy Jackson:
"My apologies. I meant villains created during the Post-Silver Age."

That's what I thought you meant.

Killer Croc isn't one of my favorites, but, I'd say, apart from having such a memorable visual (he's like DC's answer to "The Lizard"), his main point of memorability was that on top of anything else, he MURDERED Jason Todd's parents.

Of course, this was removed from the Post-Crisis continuity. (As was Jason Todd ever being a "nice" kid to begin with.)

Not only did Killer Croc murder Jason Todd's parents, he fed their bodies to, well, crocodiles! That's harsh!

And it took Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman and Talia to defeat him that first time! (Great! Now I'm wondering why it was never collected!)

Great question!

It's definitely hard to get my head around the timeframe of when certain villains were introduced, so pardon any gaffes.

Kadaver -- A guy obsessed with death and all the mysteries surrounding it. I'm always surprised he isn' revived or reconfigured into a character who is a little less Vincent Price and a little more... "gothy," kind of like Brandon Lee from "The Crow."

Harley Quinn -- Easily one of the most important additions to the Rogue's Gallery.

Maxie Zeus -- Another guy who needs a makeover, but has an interesting schtick.

Black Mask -- I think he's Bronze age ... Just kind of neat.

Wraith -- The anti-Batman. He was everything the pre-Infinite Crisis Cat-man wasn't.

A good resource: http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/Batman_Wiki

If Harley Quinn is permitted, then I should cast my vote for her...mainly because my good friend and co-workers, James Patrick wrote the one shot in Asylum II arc...and I thought he had her down pretty well.

Harley Quinn is most assuredly permitted.

Post Silver Age: we already talked about Ra's Al Ghul, Talia, Killer Croc and the Ten-Eyed Man. These are some more favorites of mine (YMMV):

  • Man-Bat--I know he reformed but he pushed a battle of superiority over the Caped Crusader
  • Clayface III--tragic and deadly. Don't let him touch you!
  • Deadshot--technically he's Pre-Silver Age but his redesign made him almost a new character!
  • Nocturna and the Night-Slayer--just before the Crisis, she tempted both Batman and his new Robin in different ways and drove the Thief of Night insane over love!
  • Captain Stingaree--a minor Bat-foe to be sure but he fascinated me appearing in both Secret Society of Super-Villains #6 and a Hostess Ad!

I still very surprised that no one mentioned Bane!

I’ve thought about this question for two days now and have decided to cast my vote for the first villain to have popped into my head after all: the KGBeast.

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