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I'm still working, but my routine consists of home to work and back home again.  Once a week pick up groceries.  Lots of time on my hands.

The past few years I've been doing a lot more accumulating than reading.  I view this as a time where I can start to reverse that a bit.  No more new comics for the foreseeable future, my guess autumn at the earliest.  No back issue purchases unless I do it online, and like everyone else, even though I'm working, got to be prudent with the finances.  Yes, a great chance to do some reading.

Very interesting.

“Orders through April 15th are cancelled but starting on 4/21 retailers can confirm their orders for product shipping on 4/28.”

My DC pre-orders for April had been:

APRIL1: Gerry Conway’s New Gods HC collection

APRIL 15: DC First Issue Special HC collection

APRIL 22: Steve Englehart Batman, Robin Bronze Age omnibus

APRIL 29: SHAZAM! v2, Jonah Hex omnibus

Anyone have any thoughts on DC's plan?  I'm hearing that they're getting a lot of blowback from retailers on this because the two new distributors are run by DCBS and Midtown Comics, whom retailers see as competition.

I think its a terrible idea by DC. Brian Hibbs has a lengthy post on Facebook about it. 19 reasons why he is against it. The 2 biggest that bother me: 1. like you pointed out, retailers are getting comics from their competition. 2. Most stores can't be open.

You can read his entire post here

The Baron said:

Anyone have any thoughts on DC's plan?  I'm hearing that they're getting a lot of blowback from retailers on this because the two new distributors are run by DCBS and Midtown Comics, whom retailers see as competition.

I may use the pandemic as an excuse to break from the habit of buying periodical comics altogether. Most of the few remaining titles I coninue to buy I buy strictly from habit, and the ones I really like I eventually duplicate in collected format, anyway. I will continue to buy collections, but I may even cut way back on those (such as PSArtbooks). So often in recent months I put off reading the things I really want to in an effort to "stay current" with the periodicals.

My LCS will re-open tomorrow under strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Next shipment of new comics is expected May 20.

Hibbs strikes me as a straight shooter. And I've no doubt that these changes, if they stick, will make his job, and the jobs of other retailers, harder, at least in the short term. But DC isn't pulling out of Diamond, so they can still buy from them if they want. More distributors might lead to a bigger, healthier industry. 

I don't know. I think Hibbs is focused so much on the disruption to his status quo that he might not see the benefits of it. Ultimately, I think a DC that is committed to releasing product is better for the industry than a Marvel that has furloughed nearly half of its workforce. When retailers are able to get more product into the pipeline, DC will be there. Will Marvel? We'll see. Probably to a lesser extent than they've been relied upon.

But I haven't been there. I don't know anything except what I read on the news sites. Hibbs is on the front lines.

It looks like Marvel has decided to start out by shipping new single issues every other week (starting May 27), with collections on the weeks between...and then gradually shipping new singles each week. Here's the schedule through early July, according to the Beat.

Happy Free Comic Book Day, everybody!

As opposed to DC, which launched some original content (so far, mostly repurposed Walmart stories, but that well is about to run dry) digital first, Marvel has converted several existing series (and one planned new one) to digital first, with the titles being planned for print collection down the line. Newsarama is reporting that the titles affected are:


  • Marvel Comics Release Schedule (Digital Only):

    Wednesday, May 13:

    ANT-MAN #4

    Wednesday, May 20:

    2020 IRONHEART #1
    STAR #4

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