Now that the show has debuted, what are your thoughts?

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We watched the latest two episodes back-to-back. There were a couple of jaw-dropping moments that I sure didn't see coming. Cute how the future Catwoman initially resists the idea of using her looks to get what she wants!

I see some dramatic plastic surgery in Fish's future.

-- MSA

She'll look like an entirely different person!

I'm not sure I'm going to be back next season; watching it is turning into a chore rather than something I look forward to.

I just can't understand why the overlords at this place Fish is trapped in don't kill her for her insolence. There is nothing about her that says she's indispensible, or that they need her to control the others, or that they'd be worse off in any way if they bumped her off.

 photo spoiler-1.gif

(On the other hand, there's this news.)

New episodes return this Monday, April 13.

I liked last night's episode... lots of moving parts, lots of balls in the air.

I loved the fact that Barbara's life was spared because she said she was over Jim Gordon.

The Ogre certainly looks different tha he does in the comics.


I kinda thought that Barbara was being targeted because the Ogre thought she was still Jim's "loved one."

Mr. Nigma has definitely turned a corner. Pretty sure he'll be featured next season.

Is it just me, or was Barbara's reaction to walking into the Ogre's torture chamber less one of  "OMG--what kind of monster have I gone home with?", and more "Mmmmm...kinky...."  And is it just me, or was it kind of weak to end with an cliffhanger that put a character in presumed peril when most of the viewers, like her own assessment of the rest of the characters, won't really care if she lives or dies?  Penguin's dotty mother would raise more concern!

It's not just you, Dave. I think that was her reaction exactly.

Richard, Barbara was targeted because the Ogre thought she was Jim's loved one. the fact that she no longer is is what saved her.

Now these two have found each other, a match made in... well, Gotham, I guess.

Since they've failed so far to make Barbara interesting as a bisexual with serious substance abuse issues (& a presumed taste for S & M), would making her The Ogress work any better?  Mind you, I think that showing her spend a minute or two at her alleged Gallery would be a quantum leap for her as a character...



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