Picked this book up at the Barnes & Noble over on the Sunrise yesterday. It's got what purports to be all of our Howard's fiction in the order that he wrote it. Anyhow, we shall see.

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Watching "Pyramids of Mars" last night, it occurred to me that Bernard Archard could've played our Howard:




"The Call of Sutekh"

They did. Howard suggested that in a previous life they might have fought and killed each other during a forgotten war. Lovecraft told him to stop talking nonsense.
The Baron said:

I can totally see guys like Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard getting into huge flamewars if the internet had existed back then.

From what I've read he came up with his first Dunsanian story before hearing of Dunsany. Later he traded an autograph of Abraham Lincoln's to someone for an autograph of Dunsany. Still later he admitted that was a stupid thing to do.
The Baron said:

"The White Ship" was written in November 1919, and published in that same month's issue of United Amateur.  Apparently it was written right after Lovecraft had heard a lecture by Lord Dunsany, who was a prominent fantasy writer, and one of Howie's big influences. It concenrs a lighthouse keeper who boards a ship that takes him to fantastic lands.

Except in both cases the storyteller was turned into a woman in love with the main character.
doc photo said:

"Pickman's Model" and (I believe) "Cool Air" were adapted as Night Gallery episodes.

I love Lovecraft! It's true that maybe some of his style looks slow and boring today,

but there's a very freaky sense of terror in most of his works. And then there's Khtulu... :)

btw, I'm writing a short stories collection, some of them adapted in a graphic novel, and it's entitled

"Tales from beyond the wall of sleep". Ring a bell? :)

It was a stylistic choice that he eventually decided to do away with. I think if he hadn't gotten sick and had continued writing he would have gone into hard science fiction. You can see him heading that way with At the Mountains of Madness and The Shadow Out of Time. I first heard of him when AD&D had his characters in their Dieties and Demigods book. Then the next printing came out and both Cthulhu and Fafyrd and the Grey Mouser were missing.

There was a horror story anthology edited by August Derleth called Sleep No More. Obviously he was familiar with Macbeth.

Lovecraft also wrote a number of short stories for people. And fan August Derleth took a bunch of his ideas and wrote stories about them. But most of those are pretty much alike. He died about halfway through one story, The Watchers Out of Time. So far no one has completed it. Sadly it sounds like several stories Derleth had already written before on Lovecraft's stories.

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