How about that! Craig made it through another year, with hardly any sign of (silver) aging! 

Your pal, Hoy

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Thanks, Hoy! I know exactly how Kal feels. Fortunately, reading Silver Age comics keeps me young at heart.

-- MSA

I tell young people that I was 21 just last week, and that one day they'll understand that comment. Have a Happy!

Good gracious, has the Aged One tacked on yet another year? Time sure does fly when you spend most of it reliving the 1960s, or at least reliving the passion, the drive, the ambition, the sense of wonder and adventure that those of us who were alive in the 1960s still try... oh, how we try... to channel through our bones and sinews. So where was I? Oh yeah, wishing Mr. Age a happy birthday.

Tradition holds that I don't skimp on the gifts when it comes to Mr. Age, and this year is no exception. So whereas in the past I used to bestow upon him three rare and classic comic books to add to his awesome collection, this time out I'll lavishly present my old pal with five--count 'em--five all-time great comic books.

Well, let me amend that slightly... I'm actually gifting him with the front covers to those comic books. Still, a pretty cool haul, I'm sure you'll all agree.

Okay, so to be more precise, it'll actually be digital posts of those front covers. But I'm still quite confident you'll agree that the effort expended to dig these up is certainly priceless.

So anyways, these five covers represent the three biggest superhero movies of the year to date, so not one to go only halfway, I'm presenting Mr. Age with the front cover images of WHIZ COMICS # 2 (a Golden Age classic), AVENGERS # 1 and CAPTAIN MARVEL # 1 (two Silver Age classics), SHAZAM # 1 (from that period in between the Silver Age and the Bronze Age that we call the Weird Age), and MS MARVEL # 1 (from the Bronze Age). Wow, what a feast for the eyes for you to enjoy, Mr. Age! Happy birthday!

Thanks, Dave. As always, it's the thought that counts, such as it is. With your...unique perspective on all things cover related, you might want to join (or at least check out) Hoy's Three of a Kind thread. Some of them are pretty creative!
-- MSA

Happy Birthday, MSA. You old-timer, you!

Happy birthday, Craig!

Happy Birthday, MSA! Wish we could all share your cake!

...May all your ages be Siver!

Happy birthday!

Thanks, all! I'm glad there are still a few of us still here!

Belated birthday wishes Craig.  Last week, I read your excellent silver-age article in Life magazine's "The Rise of the Superhero" and it was a joy to read. May you keep writing for many years to come.

Thanks, Steve! I'm glad you found it, it was fun to do! I hope I do get some more chances to write for them. They ran some of it in their Stan Lee issue last year, but it was just a reprint. I'll let people know if another opportunity arises.

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