This is past the Silver Age a couple of years, but I think we're all tired of the the "Old Ant-Man" and bearded old Superman covers. May you find a cosmic cube to smash.

--your pal, Hoy

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Thanks for remembering, Hoy! I bought that comic off the spinner, too, so it's all good. I actually have a reproduction of the Old Ant-Man TTA issue hanging on my wall, so I get to see it a lot.

It's good to know that, if I shaved off my beard, I could go to comic cons as Old Captain Marvel. I have the physique and the hair for it!

-- MSA

Here's another SA Birthday cover, but one that does not make reference to approaching

decrepitude :)

In years past, I would spare no expense at tracking down and then giving to Mr. Age the most valuable Silver Age comic books I could find as a birthday gift... well, at least their covers... well, at least JPGs of their covers courtesy of the GCD, uploaded to the Mr. Age Forum. But I think my pal Hoy has the right idea, that this year we should veer away from comics that show comic book heroes in their dotage, choosing instead to show them at the very dawn of their lives, just as Mr. Age himself has now reached that age where he's reliving his own childhood.

So happy birthday, Young Mr. Age!

Okay, I'll play. Happy Birthday, Mr. SA!

Happy Birthday, Mr. SA! I'll defer to the greater Silver Age expertise here on the covers.

Your online pal, Mr. Vertigo

Thanks, guys! As always, it's truly the thought that counts, since your comics choices leave a lot to be desired for the most part. Someone calling himself Mr. Silver Age probably can't convince anyone that he's still under 30 anyway. If I wasn't so old, I'd have missed out on a lot of cool comics!

-- MSA

Afraid I don't have an image to share, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER SILVER AGE!

Happy Birthday, sir!

Happy Birthday, Mister Silver Age! Remember even growing younger should have its limits!

Bat-Baby: "Robin, don't tell the Justice League about this. Or about my "accident" in the Bat-mobile!"

Robin: "What about Superman?"

Bat-Baby: "Please, like he's one to talk! Besides, I got pictures of him! Red K pictures! Now get me a Bat-juice box! And my Bat-blankie, I mean, cape!"

Ok, I guess I have to be the one... :)

Thanks guys! There are so many options from back then! You don't see too many heroes being transformed into babies any more. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

-- MSA

Happy birthday. Sorry I don't have a picture.

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