I won't be on again until the 2nd, so, Happy New Year, folks!

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Happy New Year right back!

Bonus: I sold a book this autumn! It should be out by the end of 2020. No, it does not involve Sealab!

May we all have a Happy & Healthy New Year! 

(Be safer than this guy!)

Though my postings on the board are about as frequent nowadays as Barney Google sightings in Barney Google And Snuffy Smith, I want to say Happy 2020 to all of you!

Happy New Year, one and all!

Happy New Year to all! Be safe, be with friends and family, and I'll see you on the other side.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy 2020! 

It just occurred to me that I first visited Cap's earliest on-line site in 2000 - 20 years ago!!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Happy new year, one and all!

Happy New Year, everyone.

NOTE to Drjohnrock: This shipped YESTERDAY!

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