Hawkeye's always been problematic with me. He's a great character, possibly the first a--hole hero of the Silver Age, but his costume is ugly as all get out. Well, not the entire costume; it's the mask that's just plain ridiculous. Those eye-wings are a throwback to a time when nobody ever really thought about how a costume would in real life.

Unfortunately, while he's gone through a number of costumes over the years, none of them have been winners. His Goliath costume would look ridiculous on any non-body builder. His next costume was essentially a blue toga. When he headed up the WCA, his traditional costume got tweaked for the better, but it still had that damn mask.

He's calling himself Ronin now, and while this costume is an improvement too, that's damning with faint praise.

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Where's Gil Kane when you need him?
Here's an article from CBR from way back in 2006 on all of Hawkeye's horrible costumes.
I reckon I am in the minority, but I've always liked his purple people eater costume. Eye wings and all.
I don't mind his costume. The fact that he is a great character makes it easier for me to over look his costume.
'Captured by the Collector' was one of the first Marvel comics I read, where Hawkeye single-handedly saves the team in his purple threads.

Loved the story, loved the character and the suit seemed just perfect to me then.

I love that it integrates elements of the literary 'Hawkeye's' native-American look.

I'm sure when they designed it, they didn't think he was much more than a villain who would appear in a few issues and then toddle off.
I'm glad the CSBG blogger actually liked the Crossing costume. I liked that one, and thought that there were some other good updates from around that time.
When Clint eventually becomes Hawkeye again, I wouldn't mind if he keeps his traditional togs but loses the mask. He's come out on TV as Hawkeye/Ronin and shown his face to the world, so he really doesn't need it.

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