Hawkeye is Marvel's most successful villain-turned-hero with long tours of duty in the Avengers and leading the West Coast branch. He has been spotlighted in every Avengers cartoon and was featured in the movies Thor and The Avengers. Now there are multiple action figures, merchandise and his own title. With his recognition at its peak, let's explore his Silver Age roots!

  • How smart is Hawkeye? In his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57 (S'64), he crafts his first trick arrows in his "basement workshop" and later the Black Widow gives him access to advanced technology supplied by the Soviets (darn Commies!) to battle Iron Man. But no one builds anything for him. He utilizes it on his own. Even with Tony Stark's resources, it always appeared like Hawkeye devised his arrows using his own ingenuity.
  • I'm pretty sure that Hawkeye was never arrested but it seemed like he got his pardon very easily. I mean, we're talking treason and attempted murder. All he had to do to impress the Avengers was to do a trick shot and say he's sorry. They made Spider-Man go try to capture the Hulk!
  • The Arrogant Archer's attitude with Captain America is legendary but would he have done the same if Thor and Iron Man had remained? Can't see them putting up with it especially the Thunder God!
  • Why did he keep his face and identity a secret from the Avengers? It's not like he had a personal life! Then again, he went out on the town in full regalia and enjoyed the attention!
  • Did he really fall in love with the Scarlet Witch? Was it merely an infatuation or a workplace crush? She never showed any interest in him.
  • I was always amazed that Hawkeye never received a solo shot in Marvel Super-Heroes or the later Marvel Premiere and Marvel Spotlight. Nor did he guest star a lot, particularly without the other Avengers. But Marvel never did promote their secondary heroes that much, though Quicksilver was featured on several titles like X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man.
  • When Hawkeye became GOLIATH II, it was because he felt that he was more effective as a giant than an archer but several of his greatest victories in that guise came from using his archery skills. Why not have him be a giant archer? Imagine the range he'd have!!
  • The Swordsman knew Hawkeye when he was young. Presuming at least ten years have gone by when they met again so how old was the Swordsman? Forty? Older? Another reason for his insecurity, perhaps?
  • Was Hawkeye constantly looking for respect? He felt inferior to the other Avengers and seemed taken lightly by other heroes and villains. It would explain his attitude and anger. He even considered himself to be one of the weakest of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes". Despite being an Avenger, did he feel like he didn't belong?
  • Hawkeye Versus Green Arrow? I could see Hawkeye beating the Silver Age (Boring) Ace Archer but no way he beats the Bronze Age Ollie! Hawkeye is near the top of comics' archers but Green Arrow is the best! IMHO, of course!

The Avenging Archer is now one of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe and he scratched and clawed his way there!


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Or there's always the Plop! way:

"Where's Agent Gyrich?"

"Gyrich? He...fell out the window."


I liked when there was a limit to the number of members on the team (even when it was only imagined, like the WCA's infamous search for its sixth member). I picked up an issue of Avengers recently and there were more team members than the Legion, it seemed

Which ignores the Avengers Charter limiting membership. Apparently the reasoning today is more is better. Since they don't care about things like characterization anymore it doesn't matter if there are too many people for any of them to develop. And people with feelings aren't awesome anyway. You'd think the artists would be complaining there were too many people to draw.

I haven't kept up with the Avengers since about 1985, aside from bits & pieces I pick up from the internet, but I hope it hasn't gotten so ridiculous that they've granted membership to Willie Lumpkin, the Enigmatic Ear-Wiggling Elderly Post-Man.

He'll probably join in the next membership drive. I think they've recruited just about everyone else.

Except Rick Jones. He must feel really insulted by now.

Nick Fury didn't get a hell of a lot of say in things. It was a different division of the government because during the Korvac Saga Iron Man tries to get an assist from Fury and Fury tells him in no uncertain detail that it is not going to happen because Gryich has revoked Avengers priority. Also, The X-Men has no real government ties. Or at least hadn't since the mid-60s when Agent Duncan was in contact with them. The government, assuming Xavier didn't mind wipe the lot of them, would have had very little say over things. Effectively, the X-Men are private citizens so unless they are actively breaking the law, it is hands off.

Ron M. said:

You'd think Nick Fury would have sent a SHIELD agent to serve in that capacity. I think Gyrich was there because somebody decided to annoy both the Avengers and the readers. Seemed like if he wanted to make sure a team wasn't getting out of control he should have been picking on the X-Men. As I remember they eventually got somebody like him but less annoying.

Anybody else wanted to see Iron Man punch him here?

John Moret said:

Effectively, the X-Men are private citizens so unless they are actively breaking the law, it is hands off.

That used to be more true than it is today.

When exactly did the Avengers get ties to the government? Gyrich showing up was the first I heard of it. And why wasn't it a SHIELD matter? Fury had been hanging out with Cap and Iron Man for years before this guy showed up. He already knew the group.

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