Heroes didn’t click with me immediately, but it soon became my favorite TV show. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever fully recovered the momentum it lost when the writers’ strike truncated season two. The attraction of the show for me initially was the interplay between and among lead cast members as the characters met and interacted for the first time. Now it’s degenerated into a main cast that meets and interacts with a supporting cast which changes from season to season. And I know Sylar is the shows most popular character, but really! Zachary Quinto now carries the show with not one but two roles. This season lesbian sub-plot seems forced to me, too.

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Can't disagree with you, Jeff. I've been saying pretty much the same thing over here.

But ... for all of its weak points, I still think that the show this season has recaptured some of the spark that it lost. I'm enjoying it more than I have in a long time. I'm really looking forward to tonight's story (and wondering if Hiro will change the future by changing the past, even a little).
Heroes is still my favorite of the three shows I watch.

I read the origanl Heroes novel Saving Charlie and I'm curious to see if the kinda/sorta alternate ending is incorporated into the show.

BTW, is anyone participating in that annoying "interactive adventure"? What's that all about? Is it in addition to the online comics or instead of them? I don't read those (online), either, but I do buy the collections.
Wow! Last night's episode was not only my favorite so far this season, it's my favorite in quite some time! I was on the edge of my seat up until Charlie's fate was revealed! I knew things couldn't go that smoothly, though, and I was right. If I was Hiro, I'd drop the "Butterfly Man" in grave (as he did with Kensei) until he revealed all he knew about Charlie's whereabouts.

I wasn't at first too hip with the revelation of HRG's near indiscretion in the past. It seemed to me to be a convenientky continuity implant at a time in which he needs a lady in his life. And it may be that, but at least they didn't leave it open-ended. Tracy suspects, however, that she faked being mind-wiped by the Haitian in order to make things easier on Noah. I don't think we've seen the last of her.

And finally we learn where "Mohindrance" has been so far this season.
Does this partner of HRG have a power of some kind? "One of us, one of them," remember?

I also enjoyed this episode more than any in quite some time.
I don't think they were "partners" per se so much as co-workers (although they certainly seemed to be working together as partners). Presumably she had her own "one of them" and there's no rule against "us-es" fraternizing.

I love the episodes that go back into the history or the show itself. One of these days I really much make my way through the entire series taking notes of who knows whom and when.
November 9: Matt Parkman is an idiot.

When he first attempted to challenge Sylar at his own game (at airport security), didn't he realize it was his own reputaion he was trashing? This state of affairs quickly came to a head with the tow truck driver on the side of the road, before it culminated outside the diner in Midland, TX. That was a real short path to destruction he chose, but I'm glad he at least took the only option he (with his obviously limited imagination) left open to himself and that the writers are apparently moving on without dragging it out too long.
January 11: Is there possbly a worse way for Peter to have handled the situation in last night's episode than to smash the cello on the floor without a word of explanation? If there is, I can't think of it. He's going to have to work on his "people skills" if he's ever going to assume leadership of the carnival.

Thanks, Jeff, for confirming that I was right to give up on this show long ago. It's understandable that characters wouldn't always make the smart decision. But the so-called Heroes consistently make the wrong decisions.
Oh, there's a tremendous amount of Writer's Fiat in this show. As well as selective memory -- Hey! Wasn't Parkman publicly identified as the Capitol bomber? And as the guy who was shot in an apparent case of Death by Cop? And shouldn't he be on the No Fly list right now? Did he make the whole world forget? -- and (my personal bugaboo) moving the plot along with "Previously on Heroes" recaps using snippets of scenes that didn't actually make the final aired cut of the previous episodes.

But I still like these characters, and they have a shared history now that adds depth to the scenes (even when they are, too frequently, treading over old ground). "Hello, boys." made me laugh out loud. Not because it's especially funny in itself, but because there's a history between these particular characters that just adds levels to the words and makes it a perfectly-in-character HRG line.
I couldn't agree more about the WF concerning the Matt Parkman character!
I think I'm in pretty much the same zone as this guy (even if he does spell his name wrong). Well, probably a little more positive, but I get where he's coming from.
It's a fair cop.

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