Heroes didn’t click with me immediately, but it soon became my favorite TV show. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever fully recovered the momentum it lost when the writers’ strike truncated season two. The attraction of the show for me initially was the interplay between and among lead cast members as the characters met and interacted for the first time. Now it’s degenerated into a main cast that meets and interacts with a supporting cast which changes from season to season. And I know Sylar is the shows most popular character, but really! Zachary Quinto now carries the show with not one but two roles. This season lesbian sub-plot seems forced to me, too.

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I don't think it had ever occurred to me that The Haitian was a Haitian.
Our satellite receiver went out last week causing us to miss an episode, and I feel as if I've missed an episode.
Jeff of Earth-J said:
Our satellite receiver went out last week causing us to miss an episode, and I feel as if I've missed an episode.

Not that much, actually. In last week's ep: (1) Hiro collapsed as a result of his brain tumor and had an extended dream sequence in which he was on trial for misusing his powers for personal gain. He survived the dream, and (in real life) surgery, but its unclear if he's been "cured." (2) Samuel tried unsuccessfully to charm his old flame into staying with him forever. When she let him down gently, he went pscho and buried the town nearby the carnival. (3) Sylar went all emo over the thought that he might live forever alone. He terrorized Claire for a while to get "the answer" -- because, you know, they're so much alike -- and walked away with the idea that he needed to get rid of his powers to restore his humanity. (4) Claire decided it was OK to hold Gretchen's hand in public.

Watching Parkman walling up Sylar last night, I couldn't help thinking "Dark Shadows would have gotten two weeks' worth of episodes out of this scene." :)
Thanks for the recap!
A few thoughts:

1. I can't say I'm exactly thrilled by the idea of a sequel to "Company Man" -- in my opinion, the single finest episode of Heroes ever. Still, kudos to the writers for recognizing the fact that Claire is way beyond the point of being shocked (shocked!) into turning against her father by the revelations here. She may not always approve of what he does, but she knows what kind of man he is, she knows what motivates him, and she loves him.

2. Week in and week out, Robert Knepper makes Samuel one of the most interesting bad guys on TV right now -- easily the most watchable Big Bad Heroes has come up with since Sylar. Knepper walks a fine line here -- making Samuel a showman and slightly bigger than life, without slipping over (too much or too often) into an over the top, cheap melodrama villain.

3. The show toyed with a "Redemption of Sylar" story last season before backing away from it. I wonder if we'll really get it this time. Of course, no matter how genuinely remorseful he may have become in the dream world, back in the "real world" he still needs to pay for his crimes. Maybe we'll get a "Sylar's Sacrifice" story, letting him pay the price while going out with some measure of redemption and heroism. Assuming it survives for another season, the show really needs to get rid of Syler (at least for a while) -- maybe this would be the way to do it. And if this turns out to be the final season after all, there are worse ways to end the show than that.
NEXT WEEK: The season finale. What!? Already?
What!? Already?
Heroes started this season a couple of weeks before other shows and had a shorter order than usual. Chuck came back early; it was supposed to come back in March, after the Olympics.
Does that make Sylar a short order kook?
Or would that be Parkman?

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