From Creator/Executive Producer Tim Kring, who imagined NBC's original critically acclaimed 2006 "Heroes" series, comes "Heroes Reborn," an epic 13-episode event series that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

A year ago, a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas left the city decimated. Blamed for the tragic event, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding or on the run from those with nefarious motives.

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The show debuts on Thursday September 24, 2015, and will be two hours. It will continue on Thursdays weekly.

Not a good name for a series about superheroes. It brings up memories best forgotten.

To the former moderator who once told me "Heroes has been cancelled, Jeff. Deal with it.":


Count that down, buddy boy!

I was quite pleased with the two-hour premiere. It reminded me of some things I had forgotten, as well as some things I can no longer recall (if you understand the differentiation I am trying to make). I accidentally read a “spoiler” before I watched the show, but it ended up not being quite correct (although I still count it as a spoiler). I’m usually pretty good reading around those, but this one was in the very first sentence of an article!

I’m willing to get to know the new characters, but I hope we will eventually get to see most if not all of the old ones. I know only a few of the actors from the original series have signed on for season one, but I’m hoping for a long run.

Who else here is watching this series?


I'm calling it now: Claire is not dead.  She'll show up (maybe only in a cameo) before the season is over.

There may be a cameo (how do you kill Claire, anyway?), but Hayden Panettiere is co-star of Nashville, which just started its fourth season.

We haven't seen her in the first two episodes (that showed back-to-back) but in the early trailers for Heroes Reborn they had a new teenage girl with the exact healing powers as Claire.

I agree, but since NBC runs both shows, I expect Panettiere could be freed up for a one-scene shoot.  Of course, if you''re right, the "new girl" could be what Claire looks like when she regenerates from whatever tiny scrap was left after the explosion.

My feeling is that the HRG-Claire relationship was the emotional heart of the show.  ("Company Man" is my pick for the best episode of the entire run of the show.)  Kring would be a fool to just abandon that.

That article I read began something like: "'Save the cheerleader, save the world,' but in this show the cheerleader's dead." Well, thanks heaps, Entertainment Weekly.Of course, they'll be able to beg off by saying, "That wasn't a spoiler because she isn't really dead." Well, yeah, it is. It's like when someone tells you a movie has a twist ending but doesn't reveal the specifics. It still ruins the twist. But, yeah, I think it's pretty obvious that Clair is alive (as Richard pointed out, she'd be pretty tough to kill). Whether or not we see Hayden Panettiere remains to be seen. I do know that when the show was first announced, someone asked her if she'd be in it and she said, "I wasn't asked." Take that for what it's worth. Like I said last week, if this show lasts, I hope to see most if not all of the old cast eventually.

Whoever was commenting that "save the cheerleader" was basic to the show must not have watched it. The reason saving her was so important in the original series was because if Sylar added her healing power to everything he already had he would have been truly unbeatable.

The experience of watching Heroes Reborn (for me) is quite similar to that of watching Fear the Walking Dead. Both shows have a “gap” of a few years (FtWD into the past and HR into the present), and both shows feature a cast I’m (currently) less interested in than the original. Tim Kring remains second only to perhaps Kurt Busiek when it comes to reinventing super-heroic archetypes.

The original Heroes debuted in 2006 and ran for four seasons. Now, after a five year gap, Heroes Reborn picks up the story five years on. That is the way to do it, I think, but watching the first season of Heroes Reborn is, for me, very much like watching Heroes season 10 without the benefit of having seen seasons 5-9. I'm enjoying the show, but I wonder how many new viewers this approach will attract...?

Hmm... I'm beginning to get the feeling that Heroes Reborn is shaping up to be the Ringer of 2015.

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