1. How is the Coronavirus situation where you live? What's closed down? Have you gone out much? Are you (Oh, what's the trendy term now " Self-distancing "?) staying inside as a precaution or actually infected or is anyone else you know? I hope, if so, you're well. Let's...well, exchange comments.
  2.   I am now in Portland, Oregon. The Govenor, and then, locally, Portland declared a state of emergency. I saw the comment made that Oregon was the furthest behind on dealing with CV of the 3 West Coast states.
  3.   I went out yesterday ( Sun.), I am ill and had sleep to make up to-day (Mon.) and ended up not going out - I may go out across the street to a all-nite grocery tonite-early Tues. I have not heard of a regular medical appointment Tues. being cancelled.

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I am also in Portland, Oregon and the situation is pretty much as you described.  I have had both Moderna shots, but I still avoid all public gatherings and mask up when I have to go out.  I usually have groceries and such delivered.

ClarkKent_DC said:

This is the new normal for now in the TV and film world: COVID tests for everybody.

The Hollywood Reporter did a piece about the confused state of things, in that the industry wants to move forward with everyone in all areas of production getting vaccinated, and some ignorant stars refusing to go along ("Hollywood Battle Lines Emerge in Simmering Vaccine War").

The article opens with an anecdote about "a high-profile actor," one who is dismissive of COVID and the need for protocols, who got it while at work on a set, causing a three-week production shutdown as a dozen people on the crew also took ill. The article states, "The Hollywood Reporter is withholding the actor’s name because he didn’t flout any specific protocol on the project. The actor’s rep declined to comment." However, there was plenty of coverage at the time and since that it was Miles Teller.*

Worse, Letitia Wright has shared a video from a rabid anti-vaxxer back in December, and took so much heat over it, she fired her p.r. team and deleted her social media accounts. The Hollywood Reporter story says she's still pushing anti-vaxx views as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is filming in Atlanta, which she denied on Twitter.

She taken some mockery. One wiseguy tweeted in response to the THR report, "not letitia wright spreading the antivax agenda on black panther set when the wakandans would’ve been the first population to make the vaccine." Another tweeted, "One thing about Letitia Wright: she can tell you a thing or two about ACTING. Letitia Wright as Shuri: I am an unparalleled genius who tirelessly seeks out ways to eradicate disease through technology. Letitia Wright when technology works to eradicate disease: No."

A commentary neatly sums up the problem here: "The Next Black Panther Is Anti-Vax, and Marvel Can't Do Anything About It."

On the other hand, there's Sean Penn, who walked off the set of a project demanding that everybody on the job get vaccinated and has publicly advocated that people who aren't vaccinated stay out of theaters. And George Clooney, Don Cheadle and Giancarlo Esposito, who are critical of those who won't do it. 


*From Vanity Fair"Report: Miles Teller’s Allegedly Unvaccinated Ass Causes Headaches on Godfather Series Set".

Also, from the Daily Mail, "EXCLUSIVE: 'He brought the virus to the set!' Actor Miles Teller Tests Positive for Covid After Refusing Vaccine, Shutting Down Production of The Godfather Spinoff Series The Offer".

And The San Jose Mercury News, mostly rewriting The Hollywood Reporter and the Daily Mail, stated the delay cost $6 million, which Paramount disputes without providing an alternate figure. ("Unvaccinated Miles Teller Cost Studio Millions After Positive Test, Report Says")

One of Tracy's clients (and his three adult daughters) have invited all three of the people from her office, and their respective spouses, on an all-day train excursion this coming Friday. The host has reserved the "Presidential Car," so ten people in an enclosed space for hours. Drinks and food are included and Tracy was really looking forward to going, until I reminded her that her boss's wife is an anti-vaxxer. (We've got her mom's memorial service coming up next month and she will not take a chance on missing that.) I pointed out that it would be reckless for us to have followed protocol so rigidly for the past year and a half, only to open ourselves up to exposure now. She spoke to her boss about her concerns today and he pretty much guaranteed that no one would be wearing masks, plus the vaccination status of the four hosts is unknown. She decided to give it a pass. 

In fairness, although I really don't want to be fair, I understand my boss's wife's concern about her own medical health. I just wish she would discuss it with a medical doctor who knows intelligently how the vaccine will actually affect her.

She is not an anti-vaxxer. I really wish Jeff would stop saying that. 

I'm glad to hear that Tracy is skipping that trip.

This morning it was announced that Colin Powell had died of complications of Covid-19. He was fully vaccinated, probably early-on. On CBS they said that he had the underlying condition of Multiple Myeloma, the same cancer that ultimately took the life of my wife Gayle.

There is a military decoration called the Soldier's Medal which is awarded for heroism while not under fire. There was a guy assigned to my unit who arrived having previously been award this medal for carrying a wounded soldier out of a mine field. Powell was awarded his Soldier's Medal for rescuing three others when his helicopter crashed. John Kennedy was awarded the Navy version of this medal (The Navy and Marine Corps Medal) for his heroism rescuing his crew after their PT boat was destroyed. 

"I'm glad to hear that Tracy is skipping that trip."

Tracy and me both (but it was Tracy's decision). 

"This morning it was announced that Colin Powell had died of complications of Covid-19."

I really had a lot of respect for that man. If he would have run for President, I would have voted for him. 

The loss of Colin Powell hit me as hard as the loss of Chadwick Boseman. I had immense respect for him.

Tracy and I both got our Moderna boosters today.

The Walgreens we went to was completely booked through 8:00PM, no walk-ins allowed. We saw them turn away a single person and a couple who didn't have appointments. 

Hooray! My wife and I will be getting Moderna boosters, too. Didn't realize our Walgreens was already booking appointments! 

Got mu Pfizer booster on October 11 from a CVS near my home. I'm not  quite old enough but have a qualifying medical condition. It was a lot easier scheduling the booster than it was the initial two shots, when the vaccine was first widely distributed.  Stay safe, everyone.

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