1. How is the Coronavirus situation where you live? What's closed down? Have you gone out much? Are you (Oh, what's the trendy term now " Self-distancing "?) staying inside as a precaution or actually infected or is anyone else you know? I hope, if so, you're well. Let's...well, exchange comments.
  2.   I am now in Portland, Oregon. The Govenor, and then, locally, Portland declared a state of emergency. I saw the comment made that Oregon was the furthest behind on dealing with CV of the 3 West Coast states.
  3.   I went out yesterday ( Sun.), I am ill and had sleep to make up to-day (Mon.) and ended up not going out - I may go out across the street to a all-nite grocery tonite-early Tues. I have not heard of a regular medical appointment Tues. being cancelled.

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Fantastic, Mark! I did, too! (My mom, not yours.) It was so good to see her face to face, after months!

It must be Hug Your Mom Week! I drove from Texas to Arizona to spend time with her. She's having some health issues so I am glad to be with her. We're both vaccined. Thank goodness! 

Tracy drove when she could have flown for free on my privileges just because she didn't want to risk exposing her mom's compromised immune system (to COVID or anything else). Tracy's a good daughter.

Most of my family (wife, daughters, mother, brother, sisters and their significants) is fully vaccinated. I've had my second on Apr 29.

I was told yesterday, that me and two of my co-workers will return to the office after Labor Day as of now. Why? Because we use a program that is considered "high risk". Never mind we've been using this same program at home for over a year.

Right now I'm just hoping we can get out of that program before then. I only use it for 2 tasks, and I can go a month or two without using it at all.

I feel worse for my co-workers as they have much longer commutes than I do.

I saw somebody post on Facebook that his company told people they will have to start coming into the office and was met with a wave of resignations. 

My agency has (essentially) required everyone without a documented medical excuse and not a caregiver to someone high risk to be in office since April 2020. That didn't stop the boss from announcing that everyone without a personal medical condition is required to get vaccinated and return to the office by May 3, or the end of their post-vaccine waiting period. Not surprisingly, almost no one came back on May 3, and I'm waiting for the resignations to start.

I saw something similar to that on FB, CK. Pretty crazy

Washingtonian Magazine's publisher wrote an op-ed that ran in The Washington Post saying companies are within their rights to reclassify people who work from home as contractors, not employees -- and take away their benefits. The staff responded with a one-day work stoppage.

This is going to be the labor battle of the near-term. 

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

I saw something similar to that on FB, CK. Pretty crazy

I also saw somebody else write on Facebook that last year proved a lot of people don't have to be in the office to do their jobs. And further, it proved a lot of disabled people could have been working if there wasn't an artificial requirement to be in an office to do a job. 

We had dinner at our close friends' house on Sunday, all vaccinated, no masks, shook hands, hugged. (The last time we went anywhere for dinner was their house last June, shortly after I was furloughed.) I was dismayed to learn that my former company is still doing college recruiting but they haven't called anyone back yet.

My LCS and grocery store still have a mask mandate in place, and I have no problem complying with that. Most people I have seen in most places I go do still wear masks. for example, I went to the post office twice last week and everyone I saw, customers and employees, were wearing masks. 

I bought two albums at my LRS (which has always had a "mask optional" policy) last week. No one in there, employees or customers, was wearing a mask and neither did I. I had no problem with that, either.

I have never worn a mask in the car, except when going through a drive-thru, in which case I have all along "in solidarity" with the cashiers who invariably are. Since the CDC loosened the restrictions, however, I have stopped. I carry a mask with me at all times and take my cue from those around me. 

I'm with Jeff on the masking: the CDC says I don't need to wear one anywhere, but I'll wear one if most people in the place are. One of my local public libraries still requires them; the other doesn't. I played at a blues jam on Sunday. First time on a stage in over a year, and it was great to see a bunch of musicians I used to hang out with regularly. Came home hoarse from talking over live music: imagine that! That event was almost completely unmasked, and I felt completely comfortable.

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