Okay, now I'm confused. Later this month, Incredible Hulk #600 is coming out.

I had thought that the Hulk series was taking over the numbering, as it were, of the previous Hulk series, but as I look at things, that doesn't appear to be the case, what with Hulk and Incredible Hulk issues being solicited side-by-side for the upcoming months.

So okay, let's do a little math. The original Incredible Hulk, not counting the original original series (all six issues of it), ran to issue 474. That was then relaunched as Hulk, later renamed Incredible Hulk, and that ran another 112 issues. 474 + 112 = 586. The last issue of the current Hulk series that comes out before Incredible Hulk #600 is issue 12. So if that counts towards the numbering, 586 + 12 = 598. (And Hulk #13 shouldn't count toward the total, as its solicitation says "After the shocking ending of INCREDIBLE HULK 600".) So depending on whether we count the current Hulk or not, it seems Marvel is anywhere from one to thirteen issues shy of having any claim to legitimately numbering the issue that's coming out "#600."

So I guess my question is two-fold. One: where exactly is Incredible Hulk #600 coming from, if not Hulk, and two: how did they come up with the 600 number?

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Dagwan said:
I also think they should give some character who hasn't had a solo series before a new series and start it at #1000, so what do I know.

That's not so far removed from their recent Deadpool #900, is it? Or the similar Deadpool Team-Up #899 coming in November...
We talked about Iron Man in one of the other re-numbering threads (in the Avengers group, I think). It's coming up. Should happen in two years or so. Wolverine is at 263 (189 first series, 74 second series before it changed to Dark Wolverine). Give em three years or so to hit 300.
DC has now announced that Wonder Woman will be re-numbered. Next June's #45 will apparently be #600 instead.

And bring back Millie the Model, starting with #208.

Pity there's now an actual Hulk#7-101. It was fun explaining why those issues didn't exist.


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