Most of you know I've been a journalist, mostly as a copy editor, for many, many moons. I did start out as a reporter for a not-even-semi-metropolitan daily newspaper, but most of my writing for the past several years is what I've posted here in various iterations of the Comics Cave.

Late last year, a dear friend steered me to a freelance job writing about comics. I applied, armed with writing samples culled from what I've posted here and kind guidance from some stalwart members of the Legion. They liked what they saw, but asked for an original sample ... then put me on a trial basis. 

So, I am now writing lists for I'm supposed to do two or three a week, and they're on comics, or comics-related movies, or comics-related TV shows. My latest one is a topic near and dear to my heart: "The 15 Best Comic Book Journalists". An archive of my other lists are here.

Of course, I can trust you guys with my secret identity, being fellow members of the Legion. I'm sure no one has any secret protocols to take me out in case I go rogue .... 

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Thanks, guys! I always need story ideas.

I also need a minimum of 15 examples for any given list. Now, nobody's mentioned Maximus the Mad ... 

Mad Dog (Buzz Baxter), The Mad Pharoah (Tales of Suspense #44) with whatever spelling is most appropriate, and honorable mention:  Mads Mikkelsen (Dr. Strange).

I've got a new list up on CBR: "The 15 Weirdest Reimaginings of Historical Figures in Comics!" P.T. Barnum as a government spy! Albert Einstein as a mad scientist! Abraham Lincoln as a time traveler! See what Barack Obama and Jesus Christ have in common!

Interesting topic. I wouldn't have thought of that one. I just now got caught up reading this and the previous three (from when I was in limbo last month).

I just enjoyed your latest list.

I have found that when I look at CBR on my laptop, regardless of browser, it tends to freeze up. If I look at it on my phone it works fine. Anyone else having this problem might want to try this.

You could potentially get a list out of flying cars in comics. Identifying their makes could perk the list up for car nuts. I can think of the Star-Rocket Racer from "Star-Spangled Kid", Funnyman's Jet-Jallopy (another Jerry Siegel creation), SHIELD's flying cars, the Skrull cars in the FF gangsterworld story (that's two from Kirby), Admiral Bird's Hi-Tech Runabout from Mr. Fixitt (I only know it from the covers), and the car from Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #12 (which parodied Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

The Fantasticar and Supermobile are possible listees but iffy, as they weren't used on the ground.

Black Hood got a motorcycle in The Mighty Crusaders (1983 series) #2 that flew in space, and Turner D. Century had a flying tandem bicycle.

Outside comics there's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Scaramanga's car in The Man with the Golden Gun (film version), and the Whomobile from Doctor Who, which flew in "Planet of the Spiders". Also a car in The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) and its sequel, I believe, but I haven't seen them.

...The greates of all these, although not a flying car...., Luke....? Clearly ....the Spider-Mobile!!

Luke Blanchard said:

You could potentially get a list out of flying cars in comics. 

This isn't comics or movies, but I always liked George Jetson's car -- you get where you're going, push a button, and it turns into a briefcase! That's even cooler than the Batmobile!

"Top 15 comics and cartoon cars" could be a list with more variety than "top 15 flying cars". But you'd only have 14 slots, because you couldn't get out of giving one to the Batmobile. (Come to think of it, the list could read 15.the Batmobile 14.the Batmobile 13.the Batmobile 12.the Batmobile 11.the Batmobile...)

This time around, I did a quiz: "How Well Do You Know the Superman Family?" 

It shouldn't be too hard for anybody who hangs out here, but you never know.

Enjoy! Share with your friends!

All my stories may be found here:

I ran through the set by changing the URL, and got one wrong. (Q20)

I couldn't get the quiz boxes to work. I can't say if the problem's with CBR or my settings.

I got them all except #20 also. Never heard of that character.

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