Most of you know I've been a journalist, mostly as a copy editor, for many, many moons. I did start out as a reporter for a not-even-semi-metropolitan daily newspaper, but most of my writing for the past several years is what I've posted here in various iterations of the Comics Cave.

Late last year, a dear friend steered me to a freelance job writing about comics. I applied, armed with writing samples culled from what I've posted here and kind guidance from some stalwart members of the Legion. They liked what they saw, but asked for an original sample ... then put me on a trial basis. 

So, I am now writing lists for I'm supposed to do two or three a week, and they're on comics, or comics-related movies, or comics-related TV shows. My latest one is a topic near and dear to my heart: "The 15 Best Comic Book Journalists". An archive of my other lists are here.

Of course, I can trust you guys with my secret identity, being fellow members of the Legion. I'm sure no one has any secret protocols to take me out in case I go rogue .... 

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Congratulations! Now you can be on a list of the best comics journalists!

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

I was glad to see Vic Sage on the list -- though I might have put Spider Jerusalem above him -- and very happy to see Ben Urich score so highly. Reading your piece prompted me to realize that the reason I haven't plowed into Jessica Jones or Daredevil season 2 yet is that a Marvel Universe without Ben Urich in it -- particularly Vondie Curtis-Hall's amazing portrayal -- is just less interesting to me. 

Well, I'm not all that familiar with Transmetropolitan -- my psyche can take Warren Ellis's brand of cynicism only in limited doses -- otherwise Spider Jerusalem might have rated higher. I'd rather most lists weren't ranked at all. "Comic Book Movies That Almost Got Made", for example, is a string of unrelated stories. For another, "Black Heroes Matter: 17 Black Defenders of the MCU" tells of those characters, but is it fair to say any one is "better" than any other? But ranking things is the way CBR does things.

That said, of course Lois Lane rates No. 1 on the list of "The 15 Best Comic Book Journalists." Being a reporter IS her super power!

Ahhh! They're back! Quick, kill them with fire!
Doctor Hmmm? said:

 photo mistick_bananaparty.gif

But seriously, congratulations and good luck with your new job!


Walters was an associate at the law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg & Book.

I hadn't heard that before. Terrific gag. "Book" refers to whom?

Richard Willis said:

Walters was an associate at the law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg & Book.

I hadn't heard that before. Terrific gag. "Book" refers to whom?

Beats me. I've never seen it explained.

From "comic book" perhaps.

Edit: Scratch that. Apparently the firm was "& Holliway" until Mallory Book became a partner.

Hi, all!

Another fine list for your enjoyment by me at @CBR: "WEB MD: 15 Spider-Man Villains Who Are Doctors"

Enjoy! Share with your friends!

All my stories may be found here:

How about "Mad villains"? There's the Mad Mod, the Mad Hatter, the Mad Hatter II, the Mad Thinker, Mad Doctor Doom, Madcap and the Madmen. Can that be all? Non-villains add Madman, Madman (from Britain's Warrior) and the Mad Mod Witch.

Mad Jim Jaspers, from Captain Britain.

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