I Have a Dream.... (where Kang and the time-stream are resolved...)

I don't think I've mentioned this here, but I have two theories on Silver Age Marvel and Kang that I really wish that some Marvel Editor would listen to and consider.

Yes, I know they don't accept unsolicited story ideas, and certainly would not listen to any ideas for fear that someday, they might accidently use one of the ideas without credit/purchase...etc...

but hear me out...


Just as John Byrne and Roger Stern posited the interesting mini-series "Marvel: The Lost Years"... whereby an entire generation of superheroes was whiped out by a re-writing of time, PRE-FF and our current silver age....

I suggest that someone has been playing around with the time stream FOR YEARS, and trying to keep Captain America from being found.

That is, someone (like Kang) has gone back in time OR sent emissaries back in time, to try to disrupt the Original Avengers from either forming or finding Captain America. 

If we look at the original 16 issues of the Avengers, clearly five or six of them involve either time-travelers, or someone later shown to be an agent of a time traverler....  Space Phantom, Enchantress, Kang, Immortus, etc.


I would suggest that these seemingly independant stories that Lee and Kirby did, are uneven and so random because each one represents another effort by someone trying to prevent the Avengers from finding Cap and either missing the target time (issues 1-2-3) OR having to disguise their efforts.

I would suggest that the REAL story of silver age original Avengers hasbeen rewriten and we may never know the correct sequence of what happened, or should have happened...alll we have is Stan and Jack's version.



I have a seceond theory as well... that the ancestor that found the plans for Doctor doom's time machine was NOT a decendent of Reed Richards, as we were told by Pharoah Rama-Tut in FF #20 or so... but rather that it was a decendant of Tony Stark...

We have seen Tony Stark mess around with the time platform before....he dismantled it to prevent anyone from using it...and there appear to be more links between TONY and KANG than anyone else.


Who's to say that history didn't get screwed up by the time Rama-Tut found the plans, and that the original owner'sname wasn't lost...that it was incorrectly ascribed to Reed, but was really Tony.... or that the history is incomplete...saying that Reed used the time platform at times, but that the decendant is really TONY's herrs....

It certainly would make more sense than to think that it was a decendant of Dr. Doom or Reed's... doesn't it?    (At this time, we only know of Reed having kids...though Tony has been tom-catting and playboy screwing around for years.... we know of Iron Lad...who looks like Tony and is supposedly Kang... and we saw that awful Crossing Line sage, after the Reaverse Avengers drama where teen-tony messed around....


What do you think, or have I overlooked something critical that would not alow these theories to be true?


PS: I found a copy of Omniverse #2 and it's on the way to me right now.  I intend to read it and the essay on Kang/Doom,Rama Tut, and learn what insight it has as soon as possible.


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i haver no ambition to be a comic book writer, but I did submit a proposal for a four-issue Silver Surfer limited series when I was in college. (This is when the character was in limbo, but I was unaware that Stan Lee had imposed a "hands off" policy regarding the character at the time.) Thankfully, I no longer have a copy of my original proposal (I'm sure it would be quite embarrassing to me now), but I do still have the critique/ rejection letter from then-submissions editor Carl Potts.


(I have a brief, hand-written note from Jim Shooter, too, but I don't remember what it was written in response to.)

So, to get back on topic, can anyone provide a brief summary of what was covered with Nathanial Richards returning to the FF, that might contradict the idea that Tony stark is/was the ancestor who had the time machine that Rama Tut discovers?

I need a little help here, guys...I have a vague memory of this, but can't dig into my collection to find it right now. Thanks.

Why does Nathanial Richards being connected to Kang make it impossible that Doom or Tony Stark could also be related to him? A lot of families will mix over a thousand years of time.

I seem to recall a story that hinted that Nathaniel Richards may have been Victor von Doom's biological father, as well as the ancestor of Kang/Rama-Tut/Immortus, so theoretically, both Reed & Doom would be Kang's great-great-etc-grand-uncles.  That one or more of Tony Stark's descendents married (or at least bred into) the family line is certainly a possibility.

...BTW , in FANTASTIC FOUR #100 , by Stan/jack , the android versions (made by the Mad Thinker) of Kang and Rama-Tut?? (or is it someone else ???) are aware of the conterversy about their suggested descent , and discuss it with each other .

  For Kang offshoots , I have always liked the Scarlet Centurion , from AVENGERS SPECIAL #2 , whose world has never been revisited ~ And , arguably , the couple of Centurion appearances since were of other SCs...

That's a very strange thing for androids to do. Is it possible they were meant to be the Real Mccoys when that word balloon was written? Or was Stan not paying attention when he wrote it and forgot it wasn't the real villains?

They were probably like Dr. Doom's various android dopplegangers, and programed to think they were the real deal unless they were in the presence of their maker.

Seems like a lot of these Doombots and LMDs would go crazy after finding out the truth, like the attempts to make a second Robocop kept killing themselves.

Kirk G said:

Good info.

I'd love to make a submission or two of my own.

I'd love to clean up a dangling plot thread from Avengers #95 and Amazing Adventures #6 when Thor seemingly kills a Black BOLT wannabe with a bolt of lightning.  The charge of murder was never dealt with.  I would have thought that something that serious (as opposed to Dark Phoenix eating a sentient planet of asparagus people) would have been screaming for redress... but I don't have any invitation to submit a proposal, and there's no real entry point for a 55 year old fan-boy like me.


mail me a copy of Omniverse #1

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