Not E.C. Segar but an incredible simulation!

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POPEYE BY BUD SAGENDORF #1: I almost gave this one a pass because I already own the hardcover collection, but I had forgotten the hardcover was a “best of,” not the first volume in a comprehensive reprint series. I still have one volume left to read of the six volume comprehensive E.C. Segar collection, and I had been saving Bud Sagendorf until after I had read it. Bill’s Facebook recommendation was relayed to me, but my LCS was shorted its entire order on August 15, so I had to wait until last week to buy it.

The first issue is 56 pages (including gags on the inside and back covers), no ads. The stories themselves are somewhat longish for children’s comics, but entertaining. The cover was a little bit confusing as a blurb on it read, “Presenting all new Popeye Comics, specially written and drawn for this book,” but then I realized that was the blurb from the original cover; the bottom blurb (“Classic Comics”) tells the tale. Each of the pages is designed almost like a Sunday page, with a little beginning, middle and end all their own, and can almost stand alone out of context.

This practice can make the storytelling a little formulaic, but it’s an interesting formula. If you can imagine a standard nine-panel grid with panels eight and nine combined into one, that’s the layout for most of the pages. Sagendorf varies that format a little (starting a page with a “double-sized” panel or splitting the center one in two) for pacing and effect, but most of the pages conform to the set-up I have described.

This series is obviously aimed at children as much of the violence and kinetic energy of the strip has been toned down, but other than that, the stories are entertaining and Sagendorf’s Popeye is almost indistinguishable from Segar’s. I just realized I don't even have to change the title of this discussion (or the tag line), because Popeye by Bud Sagendorf is not only also published by IDW, it is also "not E.C. Segar but an incredible simulation!"

...I think it's " 51 pages of comics " - a 48-page comic with comics material on all the other cover pages , Jeff .

Sagendorf's version of Popeye always seemed to be less rough around the edges than Segar's, both visually and story wise. I considered buying the hardcover collection of Sagendorf's work but wasn't sure if it was worth the price, knowing that the material was written specifically for kids. The comic book sounds like a good sampler to check out first.

...And I'll say it again !!!!!!!!!!!

  What ABOUT the alleged " bohemia/drug culture " undertones of the Segar/Fleisher POPEYE ? And , that's not even a reference to the (Alleged ! ~ Oh , yeah , right .) backstage activities on the Altman/Williams Popeye film (Which I've never , alas :-( seen full through .) ! No , really .

  Oh , did anyone see this music gvideo ~ for the band Wilco , IIRC ~ a couple years back which used Popeye and oother characters , authorized by KFS , in " the first authorized Popeye animation in 30 years " ?

I'll have to look for that; I really dig Wilco. Thanks!

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

  Oh , did anyone see this music gvideo ~ for the band Wilco , IIRC ~ a couple years back which used Popeye and oother characters , authorized by KFS , in " the first authorized Popeye animation in 30 years " ?

Did you (or anyone else) get all of the Sagendorf reprints, Jeff? By the way, there is a question I would like to ask about Dagendorf's daily strip of Popeye. if anybody's game...

I stopped buying the reprint series eventually, but I did buy a hard-cover collection of Sagendorf's comics which was published by Yoe Books. It's stored on my "pile of shame" (unread books). At the time it was released, I hadn't yet read all of the E.C. Segar Popeyes, and I figured that, in the future, I would be more likely to re-read those (which I did finish, BTW), and I let the one volume represent Sagendorf in my collection. (Of course I still have the individual issues I did buy, too.)

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