If Fantastic Four #1 had never started the Marvel comeback and Timely had ended with the monster comics. Then if Stan Lee had been asked over to DC - what titles could you have seen him take over?


I ask because I was thinking he would have been excellent on the Teen Titans. Reason: I think he wrote good teen heroes (Spidey, X-Men, Johnny Storm, Rick Jones) and, of course, team books.


It also occured to me that the Teen Titans were similar to the Avengers line-up after Thor, Iron Man and Giant Man quit. (Robin/Captain America, Kid Flash/Quicksilver, Speedy/Hawkeye and Wonder Girl/Scarlet Witch).


Imagine the Teen Titans with real personaities, a little conflict in the ranks and sub-plots. Perhaps Stan could have retained his editor/writer status?

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I've often tried to imagined what a Lee/Lirby Justice League of America would have been like. 

...and as for The Amazing Spider-Jimmy, there's always...


Based on his career up to that point you would hope that Stan would have warranted a writer/editor position. My thought is that National DC management would initially place him on lesser characters - Aquaman, Challengers of the Unknown, Doom Patrol etc.  Stan's big chance might have come in 1964 - the Batman titles on the verge of cancellation - why not turn them over to Lee. Imagine Stan's New Look Batman!
I would pay good money for Stan to write The Iron Chef.  Think what he could do with Kitchen Stadium and the Chairman!
Jeff of Earth-J said:

...and as for The Amazing Spider-Jimmy, there's always...


Yknow, that was the one Amalgam title I wanted to see as an ongoing title.

At least there was one additional story: Spider-Boy Team-Up.
I liked that one, too!
I'd certainly like to have seen a Lee/Kirby Metal Men. Less cack-handed characterisation and the art would have been B-I-G.

Jeff of Earth-J said:
I've often tried to imagined what a Lee/Kirby Justice League of America would have been like. 

Just imagine ... Stan Lee and Steve Ditko move to DC around 1960


Peter Parker from Smallville wins a Science competition in Metroplolis. First prize is a trip with Superman to meet some of the Scientists in the Bottle City Of Kandor. Whilst there Parker is involved in a terrible accident that requires a blood transfusion from the only nearby suitable donor - Superman!


When he returns he finds he now has some of Superman's powers. Reflecting the early abilities of Superman, he can now leap over tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet and is more powerful than a locomotive.


Parker returns to Smallville, and Aunt May and, inspired by Superman, becomes Superboy II.

...On a lesser level , what if " Charles Moulton " 's family , who I recall held the Womder Woman rights on a " use it or lose it " basis until fairly recently , had taken the Amazing Amazon to Marvel in the 60s/70s , say , either before or after the Diana Prince , Wonder Woman Sekowsky/O'Neill de-powerization ( Which people at DC at the time have described a " a desperate last-ditch alternative to dropping WW entirely " . ) ?

TurningPoint said:
If Stan had gone to DC, that probably would have put DC in the enviable position of having no real competition in an industry that needed it at the time.
...And it doesn't need it today ???????????

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