The death of former child actor Jackie Cooper ( not to be confused with the , somewhat less fortunate as an adult and , infamously , ripped off by his parents Jackie Coogan ) inspires me to start a " Celebrity Deaths - That , Um , Don't Have The Most Obvious Connectuions To Our Beloved Genre , As Those Folks Will Tend To Get A Solo Thread , Admittedly..." omnibus thread .

  Directly , Cooper played Perry White in the Salkind/Reeve series of Superman movies , and , as per Wikipedia , about the last thing he did in the directing of episodic TV series that occupied much of his later working years were episodes of the Salkind Superboy series...

  Cooper also starred in the CBS series Hennessy ( Probably the subject of a couple Dell FOUR COLOR COMICS issues anyway , wasn't it ????????? ) , enthused over by our Cmdr. Benson , and another B&W-era series , The People's Choice .

  In pre-TV days movies with ____ ____ made them something of a team

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.. Solo Cups - they brought the waiting world Dora Hall!

From Variety"David Lander, Squiggy in ‘Laverne & Shirley,’ Dies at 73"

As noted over here, David Lander had multiple sclerosis for many years, and it finally did him in.

Deezer D, a supporting actor through the whole 15-year run of ER as nurse Malik McGrath, dies of a suspected heart attack.

From the Daily Mail"ER Actor Dearon 'Deezer D' Thompson Dead Aged 55 From What Family Thinks Was a Heart Attack"

Tributes from fellow ER cast members pour in, per TVLine: "ER's Deezer D, Who Played Nurse Malik, Dead at 55 — Read Cast Tributes" 

Joanne Rogers, the widow of Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, passes on.

From Religion News Service: "Joanne Rogers, Widow of ‘Mr. Rogers,’ Dead at Age 92"

The Legion of "Hey, It's That Guy!" Character Actors loses another member.

From USA Today"Noted Character Actor Peter Mark Richman Dies at 93"

Another loss: Rod Perry, who was in the cast of the original S.W.A.T. (He had a cameo in the movie, playing the father of his character.) Perry also was in the original Barney Miller pilot and a few of the Season 1 episodes as a detective who was a master of disguises.

From The Hollywood Reporter"Rod Perry, Actor on 'S.W.A.T.' and 'The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,' Dies at 86"

His episode "Hero" in Barney Miller is unforgettable.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

His appearance on All in the Family was very memorable, too.

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