The death of former child actor Jackie Cooper ( not to be confused with the , somewhat less fortunate as an adult and , infamously , ripped off by his parents Jackie Coogan ) inspires me to start a " Celebrity Deaths - That , Um , Don't Have The Most Obvious Connectuions To Our Beloved Genre , As Those Folks Will Tend To Get A Solo Thread , Admittedly..." omnibus thread .

  Directly , Cooper played Perry White in the Salkind/Reeve series of Superman movies , and , as per Wikipedia , about the last thing he did in the directing of episodic TV series that occupied much of his later working years were episodes of the Salkind Superboy series...

  Cooper also starred in the CBS series Hennessy ( Probably the subject of a couple Dell FOUR COLOR COMICS issues anyway , wasn't it ????????? ) , enthused over by our Cmdr. Benson , and another B&W-era series , The People's Choice .

  In pre-TV days movies with ____ ____ made them something of a team

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Pat Hitchcock, Alfred's daughter, has died at 93. She appeared in Psycho, Strangers on a Train, Stage Fright and several of his TV episodes. She is particularly memorable for Strangers on a Train as the bespectacled girl who reminds the killer of his recent victim, almost causing him to kill again. I've added a couple of pictures that better represent her screen work than the ones in the article. I never saw her turn in a bad performance.

As Janet Leigh's fellow office worker in Psycho

As Barbara Morton, the heroine's sister, in Strangers on a Train.

I never knew that was Alfred Hitchcock's daughter.

Strangers on a Train is in my movie queue.

We lost two well-known character actors* in recent weeks.

It was just made public Wednesday that Michael Constantine died, although it actually happened Aug. 31. Constantine's biggest claim to fame was as the patriarch of the family in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise, although longtime TV fans like myself remember him as the kindly high school principal on Room 222. From The Hollywood Reporter"Michael Constantine, the Father in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' Dies at 94"

We also lost Art Metrano, who appeared in two of the Police Academy movies and bounced around on various guest spots and short-lived TV shows. I did not know that he suffered a debilitating accident several years ago. Also from The Hollywood Reporter:  "Art Metrano, Stand-Up Comic and ‘Police Academy’ Actor, Dies at 84"

* A little too well-known for The Legion of "Hey, It's That Guy!" Character Actors.

Weird, just last night I was watching MST3K Show 205  "Rocket Attack USA" , which featured a young "Arthur Metrano" in a bit part as a truck driver.

Willie Garson, character actor best known for supporting roles in Sex and the City and White Collar, dies at 57. He also guest starred on Supergirl last season.

From TVLine: "Willie Garson, From Sex and the City and White Collar, Dies at 57"

I loved him on White Collar, and was really pleased to see him on Supergirl, too. I chanced upon him shooting a scene for White Collar once, outside of Cooper Union in lower Manhattan, which they'd dressed up to be a hotel. I just caught sight of Garson and his costar, Matt Bomer, walking on the sidewalk before I hustled off to work across the street.

By all accounts I've seen, Willie Garson was a nice guy.

Right now, they're filming the latest Sex and the City sequel, and his absence will leave a hole. Likewise, there have been rumors from time to time about reviving White Collar, which I very much enjoyed. It's hard to picture doing it without him. 

Al Harrington, who co-starred on the original Hawaii Five-O and guest starred on the remake, dies from a stroke at age 85.

From the Daily Mail"Hawaii Five-O Actor Al Harrington Dead at 85: The Star Who Played Detective Ben Kokua on the 1970s Series and Popped Up in the Remake Passes Away After a Stroke" Harrington played Detective Ben Kokua in Seasons 5 through 7.

RIP Tommy Kirk  One fo those guys that I always heard about, but I confess that the only things I've seen him in are the MST3K versions of two of his worst films, Catalina Caper (1962) and Village of the Giants (1965).

My introduction to both Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks was in the comedy Bosom Buddies. I've always enjoyed Scolari whenever I watched him.

The Baron said:

Joanna Cameron, star of the 1975-1977 Saturday morning live-action superhero show Isis, dies at 70, reports Extra: "'Isis' Star JoAnna Cameron Dies at 70" Co-star Joanna Pang Atkins announced the news on Twitter, saying Cameron had a stroke.

Isis (later retitled The Secrets of Isis) was a companion series with Shazam! and the two shows had several crossovers.

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