From Dateline: "'DC's Legends of Tomorrow': Brandon Routh & Courtney Ford to Depart CW Drama As Series Regulars in Season 5"

This wasn't their call[ it is, as they say, a storyline-dictated decision.

Too bad. I've felt increasingly iffy about the show, and part of it is the constant cast turnover. This leaves the show with only two original cast members, and I don't like all of the replacements (he said, looking at Mona).

And I liked this version of Ray Palmer. Leading-man handsome, but also earnest, brave, geeky, and hands down the sunniest guy on the team. 

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Interesting that they are married in real life.

It seems to follow a pattern on the show that I don't know to be deliberate, but appears to my eye. And that is the elimination of super-powered characters -- or at least ones requiring F/X. Firestorm, the Hawks, Steel, Vixen, now Atom, all gone. And even when the super-powers exist -- as is the case with The Atom -- they are almost never used. I can't remember the last time I saw Ray's Iron Man Atom suit. 

Meanwhile, what we're left with is punchy types, or those whose powers are activated by hand-waving. 

I’ll be sorry to see them go, Ray particularly. He brought a lot of life and heart to the show, and I particularly liked his bromance with Nate. I don’t know if the SFX effects budget is that much of a consideration. New character Mona is also full of practical makeup and transformation effects, for instance. And their adversaries are almost always using SFX. And who knows who they’ll bring on once Ray and Nora step away?

I think the concentration on the physical fighting is a matter of a lot of the audience wanting that sort of thing -- and that “real” stage combat still comes off as more real and consequential than people pointing their fingers at things and concentrating, no matter how good the effects are when they do it.

Anyway, we’ve got a Crisis coming mid-season -- I think we should expect a bit of cast-shuffling as a result.

First I'm hearing about this new cast change. On one hand, it's sad to see favorites go, but the writing has managed to work around this most of the time, so far.

From what I have heard...

The CW/Arrow-verse version of the Crisis on Infinite Earths is supposed to be the "big" event of the season, split between the 2019 Winter finales and the 2020 Spring premieres.

Routh is playing the Kingdom Come-Earth Superman as well as Ray Palmer. The Legends will be participating in the Crisis, but their new season isn't scheduled to premiere until 2020.

Arrow's final season is only 10 episodes long, but whether the last episode will be before, during, or after the Crisis remains to be seen.

Like Rob said, makes you wonder what else might happen before the end of the event.

I'm not sure where, but I know that I saw the TV Supergirl and Flash almost dying when they racing around the world. This, of course, reminds me of the two most prominent casualties in the original Crisis of Infinite Earths. It sounds like the CW version will sacrifice Green Arrow.

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