Of the various members of the Legion of Superheroes who were not Kryptonian or Daxamite, what were their various strength levels? For instance, was Night Girl in complete darkness as strong as Supergirl, or more like Wonder Woman?  I'm specifically interested in the following characters:

Night Girl

Ultra Boy

Timber Wolf


Colossal Boy

Speaking of Colossal Boy, was there an upper limit to how big he could grow? Was that ever established?

EDIT: I know there's little factual information about this(unless it's from the Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe ), so I suppose I'm looking for opinions.

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And shouldn't DAWNSTAR be considered as well?

She can fly through Hyper-Space unprotected yet still get knocked out fairly easily.

And when she flies, she's physically doing it and at super-speed!

Well, the original question was about physical strength.  While I imagine Dawnstar is formidable in that respect, would she be considered a heavy hitter?

I don't remember she punching someone out cold or anything.

However, she is not usually treated as a natural hand-to-hand fighter and other members, notably Wildfire, tend to be fairly protective of her. 

Flimsy evidence, I know, but it does point towards a lack of personal combat ability.

Incidentally, did we ever learn whether her flight and space travel abilities are physical in nature, or rather mystical, psionic or whatever?  I don't remember any indications, although logically it is very unlikely to be physical.  Yes, it works for Superman, but mainly because we grew up accepting it just because.

Dawnstar always made me crazy--she was a Legionnaire by dint of her tracking power (presumably extra-sensory/mystical), altho exactly what that did that Dream Girl (by sensing where whatever would eventually be found) or later Sensor Girl (with that whole "seeing past the illusions of reality" or whatever thing) couldn't do just as well, I couldn't tell.  Meanwhile, she continually displayed the ability to fly thru space at trans-light speeds and survive the rigors of those speeds and that environment effortlessly, without these abilities being explained, quantified, or even really commented on.  Seriously?  For myself, I decided that her tracking power "gave" her the abilities she needed to go where ever the trail led her--did we ever see her flying thru space just for fun, when she wasn't on a trail?  Probably, so I'll have to pretend that in order to do so, she decided to "track" something she wasn't really looking for ("I need to find a left ruby slipper on the planet Xanthu").  Presumably, if she was looking for Devil Fish, she'd be able to function underwater as well as she did in space.  Or, I could be completely wrong.

For the purpose of this topic, I don't recall any sign of Dawny having any special physical strength, even if her speed, endurance, & "life support" abilities seem to match or exceed Kryptonian levels.

Wasn't Dawnstar just protected in space by her LSH transsuit?  I can't remember her getting too involved in physical altercations, let alone display any enhanced strength.

@Dave: Dawnstar once went on a quest for her husband-to-be that involved going to Venus just because it was the allegorical dawnstar.  I'm sure she used her travel abilities other times while out of duty too, but that is the one situation that springs to mind.

Oh, yeah, I remember that, but it's still possible that she was using her tracking power to home in on her husband-to-be during the flight, even if she pretty much already knew where he was meeting her.  Yup, I'm grasping at straws--it's not a perfect explanation, it's just more than DC ever gave us.

I don't recall them ever mentioning Dawnstar using an LSH transuit, but she must have had one, just as she must have had a flight ring (not that a flight ring was ever show to be able to propel anyone at the speeds she traveled).  But wasn't she originally an interplanetary bounty hunter, or at least making some commercial use of her power that included flying thru space unaided, before Wildfire recruited her for the Legion Academy?  I don't recall anything like the transuits being available to the general public, even tho Wonder Woman had been using one regularly since the early Silver Age.

From the comics I've read and remembered with Dawnstar, one of her innate talents was the ability to survive in space, although I don't recall it ever being explained how or why.

She was the product of genetic engineering over the centuries at Starhaven to produce a tracker who could survive in space and travel at great speeds.

IIRC, her tracking ability worked best in space but not on a planet.

But I wouldn't want to get hit by her wings when they're flapping!

While we're talking about legionnaire physical strength levels, don't forget Karate Kid.  On his debut, he fought Superboy to a (momentary) standstill, before the Boy of Steel recovered from his surprise, and flattened KK.  There are other examples of him showing significantly more-than-human strength, too.  During the first appearance of the Dark Circle, KK caused a localised earthquake that knocked over a squad of attacking soldiers by stamping his feet.  On another occasion, he smashed his way out of a giant diamond that Tharok of the Fatal Five had trapped him inside.

All these examples, and many others, show KK using super-strength in brief bursts rather than in a sustained way.  He's great at smashing things, less good at holding up giant weights.  However, in that context, I'd rate him as stronger than Colossal Boy and probably Wildfire, about equal to Timber Wolf.

I seem to recall that Karate Kid smashed out of that diamond by finding the flaw in it, the one weak spot where it would shatter if hit just right, and hitting things just right was his specialty.  I can't remember if there was a similar excuse for the earthquake stomp (in both those cases, he seemed to be a fan of Karnak & Gorgon of Marvel's Inhumans).

I think that there are too many instances of Karate Kid (and others) insisting that he had no enhanced powers, just great skill from a lifetime of training to put him officially in the super-strong club.  Pretty much every non-powered costumed hero who's been around for very long has at least a few feats on their resume that go well beyond the scope of strictly human capabilities, and if all of those counted as super powers, there would be no non-powered heroes at all!

As I recall, both Wildstorm and Dawnstar were gifted with the super-power of popularity, which allowed them to do even more amazing feats!

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