Tracy's mother passed away yesterday after a brief battle with cancer.

Here are some thoughts shared by Tracy and her sister.

It is with unmeasurable sadness that we share with our family and friends, the loss of the greatest woman we have ever known, our mother, Linda Needham. She was love and laughter and home to us, no matter the distance. She inspired us to become the women we are today. She never stopped teaching us to be strong women. Even after we had grown, she walked by our sides, encouraging us to be independent and resourceful.

The love she had for her family was boundless. As part of a large family, there are many who loved her. Family was her greatest joy. Even though our dad, Jim Needham, has been gone for more than 20 years, she also remained close to her family by marriage.

Relocating to Arizona renewed her love for photography, and Tucson provided no shortage of inspiration. Her adventurous spirit led her to travel but the nature and vistas that surrounded her home were her favorite places. The friends she made here became her extended family. Knowing she had a community of her own made being away from her easier.

If you want to honor her memory in some way, spend time in nature, give unconditionally, or spend time with those closest to you. In all things, eat delicious food.

Love, Diana and Tracy

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My condolences to you and Tracy, and to Linda's friends and family.

I'm glad that Tracy was able to visit her mother this month. It's never easy, even when expected.

My heart goes out to Tracy, her family and to you.

Sincerest sympathies to Tracy and her family. Just remember that Love goes on in different forms and different ways that will surprise you. Good thoughts to you all!

My condolences for your loss 

My deepest condolences.

Tracy, Jeff,

Everyone who's posted, and me, and those who post after me, know that, no matter how hard we try to find the words, there are no words to ease your loss right now.  But we try, anyway.  Because that's what we do---try to ease the pain of someone in our circle.  That the loss of your mother was expected doesn't make it any easier.  That the deaths of one's parents is the way of the world isn't any help, either.  

Right now, nothing helps.  The loss is too raw.  

Fortunately for all of us, there is one balm---time.  It's not a remedy,  Time doesn't heal all wounds; you'll always feel the loss of your mother.  But one day, some day, you'll adjust and won't even know it---until you hear a joke and while you're laughing, think, "Mom would've howled at that joke."  Or you'll see someone do something a familiar way and you'll smile and think, "That's just how Mom would've done it!"  And the memories of your mother will bring more smiles than tears.

And hold on to those memories, both the ones that bring the smiles and the ones that bring the tears, because as long you do, she will always live in your heart.

My condolences too.

My heart goes out to you & Tracy, and her sister. I'm glad Tracy could be there for her mother earlier this month, and I'm glad you two can be there for each other now. 

So sorry to hear. Let us know what we can do to help, no matter how big or small.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts. Growing up, my mom and I weren't as close as we were these past twenty years. I grew up closer to my dad than anyone. However, my mom and her sisters were fierce in their love and loyalty to one another and all the kids. I am hearing memories of my mother from so many directions. It is wonderful! After my dad died, my mom connected on a different level, one of shared loss and being an independent woman in the business world. She was an inspiration and kept me grounded. I will miss our near daily conversations where she always had me laughing. I will miss seeing the world through her camera lens.

My mother loved life. She loved family and friends, finding beauty in nature, and cooking for everyone. I will choose joy going forward. I will choose to celebrate her well-lived life by looking for the good in everything.

Thank you all again. Hugs to you and your families. 

My deepest sympathies. The loss of a parent is so difficult.

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