The cover of MAD magazine's relaunch is unveiled, and at least one comics shop owner strenuously objects. From ICv2: "Peter DeFelice of Pyramid Comics on 'MAD Magazine' #1's Cover"

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I don't imagine I'll be buying this, but I haven't been the target audience for about 45 years.  But, gee whiz, MAD did this same (almost) cover for the April 1974 (#166) issue back when I was the target audience.  Doesn't seem to indicate much new "fresh thinking."  Been there, done that.

I saw the final regular issue of MAD on the magazine rack at my friendly neighborhood supermarket, but didn't feel compelled to buy it. I'm not the target audience for today's MAD, but I can't enjoy it because it seems so much more crude and crass than it was when I was in the target audience.

MAD is one of the few things from my childhood that I have well and truly outgrown. 

I know the feeling. Not too long ago I flipped through one of those oversized Mad TPB anthologies while browsing at Barnes and Noble, much as I liked the magazine as a kid, I found absolutely nothing about the book that would compel me to buy it.

Captain Comics said:

MAD is one of the few things from my childhood that I have genuinely and truly outgrown. 

I have been buying the "20 Stupidest Things of 20XX" issues ever since I discovered them in 2005.

Every year I cannot help but think how good it maight have been if it were done by the TRUE "usual gang of idiots."

Real magazines don't renumber; comic books renumber.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Real magazines don't renumber; comic books renumber.

Yeah. I don't get why MAD is playing that game, especially now. Before we got into this new No. 1 issue mania, comics sold on the strength of their content -- their stories and their creative teams. New No. 1s pander to collectors. But who really thinks a new No. 1 of a 2018 MAD will be a rare collectible?

Here's a press release that came today:


MAD Magazine Relaunch Includes All New Digital Offerings Including an Official Twitch Channel and THE MAD PODCAST!

(BURBANK, CA – April 17, 2018) – In celebration of the relaunch of MAD Magazine and today’s debut of a new issue no. 1, America’s #1 humor magazine is revealing a new kind of MAD-ness with its first-ever digital channel debuting April 20 on Twitch at  The iconic brand will also extend its digital presence with The MAD Podcast!, an all-new bi-monthly series launching this summer on iTunes, Stitcher and the newly improved MAD blog. Available on newsstands and via digital download today, the June 2018 issue of MAD Magazinemarks a fresh look for the fan-favorite brand.

Broadcasting live from MAD’s new Burbank headquarters, initial programming for the new Twitch channel, lead by Senior Editor Dan Telfer, will comprise a collection of comedy guests including Steve Agee, Jordan Morris, Thea Lux, Candy Lawrence, Erin Tracy, Sean Ellis, Gerry Duggan, Joe Kwaczala, among others, alongside narrated video game runs, live art sketches and must-see tabletop game challenges. From wild gaming antics to absurd discussions with a premiere guest lineup, viewers will get a hysterical glimpse into the creative minds behind MAD, while engaging with other fans across the country. The official MAD Magazine Twitch channel will launch on Friday, April 20 at 4 p.m. PST. Fans can tune-in to MAD’s bi-weekly broadcasts on Fridays from 4-6 p.m. PST at

Combining new perspectives with classic MAD wit, The MAD Podcast! is an upcoming bi-monthly podcast series hosted by Editor Allie Goertz. The podcast slate will include a variety of scripted and conversational content featuring interviews with notable contributors, as well as celebrity fans. The MAD Podcast! will also feature scripted comedy bits, call-ins and original music, written and produced by Allie Goertz and Assistant Editor Casey Boyd. Listeners can tune in to The MAD Podcast! on iTunes, Stitcher and the MAD blog later this summer.

Available today on newsstands and via digital download, the June 2018 issue (issue no. 1) features cover art by acclaimed artist, Jason Edmistonand hilarious original content from new contributors including Brian Posehn, Luke McGarry, Megan Koester, as well as classic fan-favorite features from legendary contributors Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones, Peter Kuper, and more. To subscribe to MAD, please visit here.

I saw this over the weekend at Barnes & Noble. those aren't alternate covers, above; the black cover, uh... covers the offensive one. It got prominent display space, both in the magazine section and at the checkout counter.

I'll tell you, if they really want to capture the true spirit of MAD magazine, they will revert to the original numbering with the very next issue.

Bwah-ha-ha! Yes, that would be the real middle finger.

The back cover says, "Thanks for picking Mad."

...Does anyone else notice that there seems to be a series of MAD specials/giant-sized reprint issues that appear to be for the newsstand market only?

I was in full agreement with that statement until i actually thought about it.

While it's been many, many moons since the magazine held any sort of interest for me, i was reading through an old Don Martin collection only a month ago. I'm not going to say how recently an old Mad musical song popped out in the shower. (It was Money, from the Star Trek musical, followed by What Do You Get When You Fly Through Space?)

So, have i outgrown Mad, or has it just grown away from me?

Captain Comics said:

MAD is one of the few things from my childhood that I have well and truly outgrown. 

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