Did you ever pass over a book because it just didn't look appealing, read that it's canceled sometime later, then find that it was written by someone you now really enjoy?

I was looking at an old house ad for the volume of Swamp Thing that centered on Tefe', Alec and Abbey's daughter. I passed it up at the time with hardly a second glance. I became disenchanted with Swamp Thing after Alan Moore left because Rick Veitch's work was nit appealing to me at all, so a series about his daughter seemed decidedly unappealing. Now I realize that it was written by Brian K. Vaughn, a writer that I follow avidly.

I'm sure I can find it in TPB now if I want, but it does make me wish I'd sampled it when it was new.

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Actually, I don't think that series has been trade-collected. It didn't do too well, as I recall. It's probably only a matter of time, though, as BKV is pretty hot right now, and DC's busy reprinting anything even remotely associated with Alan Moore...

I did collect that series when it came out, and liked it okay as I recall. Though I think I remember BKV talking about how he was trying so very hard to be clever and Alan Moore-ish with that series, to the point that he thinks it was too heavy handed. My vague memories don't exactly support that assessment, but I can see how that might be the case if I were to go back and re-read it.
Yeah, I'd be surprised if that didn't get collected in a few more years.

I can't think of any regrets right now, but I'm sure I'll come up with some soon enough...
Chronos from DC. Man, that was good. I just wish that I (and a few thousand other people) had read it BEFORE it was canned.
I've had that happen a bunch of times. I don't mind collecting series as back issues so it's not uncommon for me to start collecting a series years after it's been canceled.

On the bright side, at least you're not surprised/disappointed by the title's cancellation as were the fans following it at the time.

I had this happen to me with Dr. Strange when it was written by Rick Remender and it was about the new Sorcerer Supreme. Wish I would have supported that one before it became a miniseries.

Also, I wish I would have supported Captain Britain and MI6.

I recall picking up NEXUS #1 (B&W magazine) because it had a Paul Gulacy cover.  Then I flipped it open, and the interior art looked SO amateurish I PUT IT BACK.  I was just buying way, way too many things at the time, and I think I'd finally reached my limit.

Sometime later, I got NEXUS #3 (also B&W) because it had a flexi-disc.  I was more interested in the gimmick than the book, although I had to admit, the art had improved quite a lot. I also got the color NEXUS #1 not long after, but didn't read it at the time.  I try not to do that sort of thing anymore.  You buy it, you READ it!!!

A couple years later, I was chatting with a comics dealer I'd met before, who'd set up a table at a local mall.  After B.S.-ing for around 45 minutes, I felt like I oughta buy SOMETHING, so I picked 3 books I wasn't regularly buying to give them a try.  One of them was NEXUS #16.

That damn comic totally blew my mind!!!  Not only was I hooked, but within a few months, I'd managed to get every back-issue I 'd missed.  I never did get the first 2 B&W mags, but not long after all 3 were reprinted as a graphic novel.  The evolution of the art in that single story is mind-boggling.  Anyway, for several years (as long as Steve Rude was doing it), NEXUS was my #1 FAVORITE comic.  And to think, I put the first issue BACK!!!

You know, Henry, Dark Horse is publishing the complete Nexus in Omnibus form. The first two volumes are out now!

I've been eyeing those Nexus Omniboo, too. Great content for a terrific price!

Me, too, and I read the original from the third B&W 'til past First's folding.

I have all the originals (except as noted above).  Why buy reprints?

Oh yeah... and the series got MUCH better when Steve Rude came back (the Dark Horse run).

Cavaliere said:
"Chronos from DC. Man, that was good. I just wish that I (and a few thousand other people) had read it BEFORE it was canned."

Ditto for Tom Peyer's Hourman. I am surprised, given Rags Morales' popularity that they haven't collected this series in TPB.

Ditto for Tom Peyer's Hourman. I am surprised, given Rags Morales' popularity that they haven't collected this series in TPB.

I'd second Hourman. Also, I read most of the 90s Black Condor series a few months back (also by Morales), and I thought that was pretty good myself.

A couple others for me. District X, I thought was terrific. Before I didn't give a flip about Bishop (or the Mutantverse for the most part), but here his whole backstory is completely unnecessary as he is just trying to help patrol the streets of Mutant Town. It reminded me of early Powers a little bit. Still its own thing.

As well as, Journey into Mystery run with the young Loki by Kieron Gillen.

Although the one bonus of waiting so long on all of these it that is was a heck of a lot cheaper.

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