Thought I'd go ahead and start a thread for Marvel's newest event Infinity. I have the first issue but haven't read it yet. I did read the FCBD issue which was pretty good, though it didn't spotlight any of the popular characters for long.


This one's written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Jim Cheung so I'm expecting it to be pretty solid. There are tie-ins as to be expected. I just plan on reading the main series unless a series I'm already getting has a tie-in issue.


So has anyone read issue 1 yet?

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Right now Thanos and another group called the Builders are the main baddies. All of them are pretty bad news, the Avengers have their work cut out for them.

Are the Builders new or are they that bunch the Avengers fought in the first Hickman arc - Ex Nihilo and the others?  Or are they from something else?

Yes it's the same group.

So after reading issue 1, I let this series stack up along with the majority of my other new comics. Issue 6 came out last week so I sat down and read issues 2-6.

All in all this was a fun series. The art was fantastic and added to the epic.

My only nitpick is that half way through, really between issues 1 & 2 most notably that a lot of things seemed to happen off panel or in another tie-in issue. So there were times I felt like I was missing something.

The biggest things are that the Inhumans are scattered now since their home was destroyed. Thanos has a son. Thanos is now trapped in a cube of sorts created by his son and is stored in a basement somewhere (exaggerated but close).

If you like big super hero battles (with villians) especially in space, this is for you.

I liked it, and I've avoided big Marvel events for a few years now. 

There were definitely gaps that happened in Avengers and New Avengers, but I never felt lost before I read the tie-ins (if that makes sense).  I'm impressed that Hickman et al built this story from the first arc on Avengers, going back well over a year.

I loved the event as a story. What I didn't love is the ending. I thought it was kind of hokey to have Thanos exist in a "living death" set in an amber encasement. How long before he breaks free? Seems a cop-out to me.

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