I've been a fan of Marvel's monsters for as long as I've been reading comics. This discussion will be divided into two "phases." Phase One will be "The Monster Age" and will focus on monsters which will cross over into Phase Two, "The Marvel Age," particularly those who have a connection with the Incredible Hulk. I'll start with...

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That Hulk Annual was the first time I saw any of these guys. It was a classic!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Ooh! You made the same mistake Hulk did when he encountered Blip in Hulk Annual #5 (i.e., mistook him for Zzaxx). Zzaxx debuted in Hulk.

Oh, please. Like I don't know the difference between Zzaxx and The Blip!

Isn't The Blip that thing Thanos did?

"Oh, please. Like I don't know the difference between Zzaxx and The Blip!"

What I meant was Zzaxx is not a "crossover" character and won't be featured in this discussion.

GOOM - Tales of Suspense #15 (Mar 1961):

SYNOPSIS: Psychologist Mark Langley postulated the existence of unknown planets within our own solar system... because reasons. He dubs one such planet "Planet X" (the same world Groot was from?) and bombards it with "radar beams" which attract the attention of Goom. Goom traces the signal to Langley and immediately begins to terrorize him and his wife. He has the ability to "youthenize" his victims, and he can cause entire cities to rise up into the air. Physical attacks are repelled by a force field.

In desperation, Langly sends another message to Planet X, and is sentenced to execution by a U.N. lynch mob. The hanging is interrupted by other members of Goom's race. Goom is an abboration: "It's only the ignorant, the frightened and the weak who are hungry for power."

MORAL: "Secure in that knowledge, we must never fear to contact other races! Mankind was meant to go forward! To go on facing and solving all problems until eventually we reach our destiny--in the stars!"

For some reason, I'm especially fond of Goom's design. Something about the outsized head and mouth. He looks like a crazed muppet.

I'm pretty sure there were several stories involving a Planet X in Marvel before and after the heroes started (DC too!).

On the "Cover a Day" thread (back when we were still doing letters) I did a whole slew of "Planet X" covers, all I could find, for "X" month.

THE RETURN OF THE HULK XEMNU THE TITAN – Journey into Mystery #66 (Mar 1961):

SYNOPSIS:Note that Xemnu is "incorrectly colored grey on the cover (and is still orange inside). Again, the tale is narrated by Joe Harper. After being put in orbit of the Sun, Xemnu uses telekinesis to bump an asteroid against the ship and jar it out of order. When it crashes back to Earth, the charge holding him in stasis is damaged and Xemnu is released. Wandering the countryside, he gains control of a carnival paaing through the town on Pineville. He induces the carnies to put on a free show and then puts the entire town under his mental control.

Harper notices the spaceship is no longer in orbit of the Sun, then he hears the news of Pineville shutting itself off and puts two and two together. He deduces that Xemnu is constructing a "giant star-reflector." Harper can't convince the police, the army or the newspaper that Xemnu is in control of Pineville. getting a "weapon" from his desk drawer, he heads out to confront Xemnu. when Xemnu sees his old enemy, he "hypnotizes" Harper's atoms to fall apart, but Harper whips out his secret weapon, a common mirror, reflects Xemnu's hypnosis back and Xemnu disintigrates.

Everything else in the story is logical  photo tongue.gif except that I find it hard to believe that a ship orbiting the sun would crash back on earth.

There sure were a lot of stories featuring carnivals and circuses in '50s and '60s comics. Were they a big deal back then? They weren't in my home town, but I lived in sleepy, backwater Memphis.

I had the same thought some time ago on this board about ventriloquism acts. There were so many (horror) stories in the early '50s involving ventriloquist dummies that I figured it must have been a popular entertainment.

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