This was a freebie this week. For the most part these Marvel Sagas have been hit and miss. I liked this one though. I really knew nothing about Moon Knight. I think the only story I every read with him was Round Robin in Amazing Spider-man which was a very cool team-up story with Spidey, Moon Knight, Punisher, Night Thrasher and Nova. I wasn't familiar with his background or powers.

I think what made this interesting was that it was narrated by Moon Knight. I don't think the other Marvel Sagas have taken that approach.

Any Moon Knight fans out there? I'm not saying I'm going to run out right now and buy anything Moon Knight related but if I wanted to pick up some stuff should I start with his early adventures or is the new Marvel series a good starting point?

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I picked up the Moon Knight Saga but I haven't read it yet.I was a pretty big Moon Knight fan back in the Doug Moench / Bill Sienkiewicz days, but I haven't read an interpreation of the character I've liked since. Essential Moon Knight volume one is a nice introduction to the character, but it's a mixed bag. The Moench / Sienkiewicz run (which looks really good in black and white, BTW) is split into the second volume, but volume one has most of the character's early appearances. (Missing, but not absolutely essential, is a guest-starring role in a Defenders four-parter.) Included is the back-up feature from the HULK! magazine, but although both the story and art are very good, the "Marvelcolor" process doesn't reprint well in black and white. These stories were reprinted in the '80s in Moon Knight Special Edition and are worth seeking out if you can find them. Otherwise, Essential volume one is nevertheless a good place to start despite its flaws. I would have preferred the entire Moench / Sienkiewicz run to have been collected in a single volume, myself. If you buy that one, you'll get to observe Seinkiewicz's transformation from a Neal Adams clone into an inovator in his own right as his unique style evolves before your eyes. If you like the stories in volume one, the rest of their run gets better, but if you buy volume two the quality drops precipitously (IMHO) ofter their depature.
I like the character but his handling fluctuates so wildly I have a hard time knowing what to buy. My favorite Moon Knight story ever was a one shot where he teamed up with Shang Chi and raided an island fortress. Fun fun fun.

I've heard rumors for years about a circa-1982 Moon knight TV show in Japan (I think I even mentioned it on the old board). Anyone remember that?
I would agree with Jeff about the Moench/Sienkeiwicz run in the early '80s that was really great.

I also like his '90s series as well to a point. I thought it was pretty good until one of those Infinity crossovers came in (forget which one it was). Then the story and the art turned into utter crap.
Lime, basically echoing what Jeff said. Definitely get Vol. 1 of Moon Knight, especially the first 25 or so issues. Then skip directly to the most recent series, which just ended. Dark, but good stuff!
Thanks for the input, everyone. The next time I have some extra money for trades I'll know where to start!

I forgot to add before that I think Moon Knight has one of the cooler looks of most super heroes. Spider-man probably has my favorite costume but Moon Knight's is probably in the top 10.
I would recommend both volumes 1 & 2 of Essential Moon Knight. Some really great stuff, and watching Sienkeiwicz evolve is worth the money.

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