It was an outdoor graduation on Friday, and the weather cooperated wonderfully. She looked beautiful in her gown and cap, though it was difficult to get a picture of the two of us. Her mom was crying so much that she couldn't use the camera.

She'll be attending Edinboro University of PA in the fall, though her plan to commute is a serious setback to my plans to never wear clothes around the house after she was finished with high school. Maybe she'll be ready for the dorms next year.

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Ricky downstairs...
Actually, I'm a little concerned about the two dancing bananas...
Congrats to Kathleen. I love the yellow gown, so superheroic.

And I bet after two weeks she'll want to move in with her new pals.
Oh, and I love the Imskian hat ornament.
I put up some more photos of the night HERE.

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