When I was in college, one of my roommates ridiculed me for reading comics by assuming I read Baby Huey, apparently the only comic book with which he was familiar. (Ironically, I hadn't even heard of the character at that time.) I posted about that situation a while ago and apparently it struck JD DeLuzio's fancy because he's mentioned it several times since, most recent;ly on June 12th of this year. Here's what he said:

JD DeLuzio said:

They’re not just generally bad. They’re disturbing. Baby Huey himself exists as some kind of kid-comic eldtritch abomination, the sort of thing Lovecraft might have imagined if he’d huffed bath salts and then watched a marathon of Donald Duck cartoons. He’s supposed to be a “baby,” and  he wears a giant diaper—just contemplating that thing is nightmare fuel—and a bonnet, and he’s often given a bottle or baby food. At other times, he eats solid food and candy, while his vocabulary suggests he’s an older toddler. His parents nevertheless let him wander about on his own, though one suspects they may be hoping he doesn’t return. His combination of infantile idiocy and superhuman strength causes mayhem and spread destruction. Given how terrible most of the inhabitants of his world behave, however, I’m not certain they don't deserve it...

Collect them all and be driven into the realms of unnamable madness from which no traveler returneth.

That was enough to inspire me to read my first Baby Huey comic book ever. To my surprise, my LCS was well-stocked with three different "Baby Huey" series: the original, Baby Huey & Papa and Baby Huey  - Duckland (including the much-coveted issue #1). Most of these were priced between $2 and $4. I chose #55 (December 1963) because I like the cover best. (My second choice would have been the dinosaur/egg cover JD posted, which they also had in stock.) 

The issue begins (oddly enough) with a single-page gag of Baby Huey walking through a park (?) with a n unidentified baby elephant. The elephant wants to swing, but he is too big for the first one, in use by a rabbit. He is too small for the second one, in use by a hippopotamus. A monkey offers the tree he is using,with the caveat that the elephant must use its own tail. Eventually, Huey hangs from the limb by his legs and swing the elephant with his arms. The sight-gag ends with a verbal gag: "You're a very kind duck!" to which Huey responds, "What kind?" 

BABY HUEY & THE TEDDY BEAR: Disappointed that his teddy bear cannot speak or play, Baby Huey brings it to the local witch who temporarily imbues it with life. He takes it home when it terrorizes Huey's Papa and proceeds to wreck the house (although Huey and Papa do their fair share). the spell wears off, and Mama comes home to find Papa spanking a lifeless teddy bear and has him carted off to the nearest sanitarium. 

BABY HUEY & THE RICHDUCKS: A kind of thematic mash-up with Richie Rich. Mama takes Huey to visit the home of Mrs. Richduck, who she met at the Quack-Quack Club. Huey goes off to play with Quackberry Richduck. Huey doesn't know any of Quackberry's games (such as "Banker & Broker"), but is nevertheless able to keep him entertained. The story ends with Quackberry wanting t buy Huey, but Huey refuses. 

BABY HUEY & THE FUN MONSTER: Huey's cousin Dimwit has built a robot, clothed in a brown suit with an outboard motor for a head. Huey supplies a monster masks and takes the mechanical monster for a walk downtown. Hijinks ensue, and witnesses determine that the "baby" is trying to stop the monster. The incident concludes when the monster walks into a lake and "drowns." Huey is hailed a hero and is awarded the key to the city. 

Other featues include "Buzzy the Funny Crow," Herman & Catnip" (whose televised cartoons I do remember seeing), two text stories and four promotional house ads presented in comic strip format. Nothing my former roommate ever said inspired me to become a "Baby Huey" fanatic as JD once surmised, but JD himself just might have.

BABY HUEY CHALLENGE: What's your first (or favorite) "Baby Huey" comic? 

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Here is an hour's worth of Baby Huey cartoons, starting with the one in which he is hatched. 

I'm fairly certain that post is in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Here is an hour's worth of Baby Huey cartoons, starting with the one in which he is hatched. 

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