The Dick Wolf Factory is bringing back original Law & Order for a 21st season. From The Hollywood Reporter"‘Law & Order’ Revived for Season 21 at NBC"

Original Law & Order was canceled in 2010, launching a franchise that included six seven spinoffs for U.S. TV, plus foreign versions in France, Great Britain and Russia. Spinoff Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has outlasted its forebear; it is now in its 22rd 23rd season and launched its own spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime

As noted elsewhere, original Law & Order got the ax because of corporate intrigue. There was a bid to revive it as a miniseries back in 2015, but nothing came of it. And this year, they were supposed to launch a show about defense attorneys, Law & Order: For the Defense, but that fell through and another one, Law & Order: Hate Crimes is just spinning its wheels in development hell. This likely created the opening to revive the original.

No word on casting, but they do want to bring back some of the old stars. Unfortunately, they can't bring back Jerry Orbach, Steven Hill or Dennis Farina, but Anthony Anderson's schedule is opening up, since black-ish in its final season.

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Agreed, black-ish is a huge step up from the kind of slob comedies Anthony Anderson used to do earlier in his career.

.... and Trump hates it.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Agreed, black-ish is a huge step up from the kind of slob comedies Anthony Anderson used to do earlier in his career.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

Its nice to see Anthony Anderson return. I think hes an underrated as an actor. He is perfectly capable of doing comedy or drama.

Yeah. Anthony Anderson did a lot of slob comedies early in his career, but before he joined Law & Order, he had a chilling run as a drug kingpin on The Shield.

Yes! That is the exact role I was thinking of.

Even in a movie like Romeo Must Die, he was used as comic relief.

From Variety"Sam Waterston Returns to NBC’s ‘Law & Order’ as District Attorney Jack McCoy"

Both Anthony Anderson and Sam Waterston together make it almost certain I'll be watching.

If their casting and writing are up to the old days it will be hard to pass up. 

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