It seems the internet has leaked the two new teams as being:



Punisher #1 - Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto, with Laura Martin on colors.

Daredevil #1 - Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera.

That ain't bad, if true.

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Daredevil will get a free pass as I want to see his redemption. Waid writing the book is a plus, of course.

Now the Punisher is a character I can handle in small doses. I liked his last series with its interaction with the MU and its Monsters which was wacky enough to work! I just can't past the premise of him killing any criminal he wants and the Marvel heroes don't just stop him! He seems to be able to take take on and escape from anyone like he's Batman or something! We'll see though I probably won't.

BTW, Black Panther-Man Without Fear is a great book!

Captain Comics said:

Off the top of my head ...


DD and Dakota had what amounted to a one-night stand, that they both regretted, and the "affair" did not continue. Both Black Tarantula and White Tiger are killed, but resuscitated by The Hand under their control. Another Stick-like mentor appears, who is a drunk old Asian guy with a dirty mouth who, nevertheless, advise with the usual impenetrable cryptic-ness. DD decides the best way to defeat The Hand is to become its leader. He does, and Tarantula and Tiger become his chief lieutenants.

Right here is where I reached my "I Can't STAND It Any More!" point.

Captain Comics said:
Somewhere in here, Foggy gets disbarred. There are some leadership struggles at a meeting with all the top Hand officials from each continent, and DD thinks he's won, but the reader knows better -- there's a conspiracy (cryptic, of course) and Tiger secretly answers to them. Bullseye (I think) blows up a building in Hell's Kitchen, so DD builds a huge pagoda on the ruins and runs Hell's Kitchen and The Hand from there. Also, he kills Bullseye with his bare hands. Police and various heroes are alarmed by this, and the "Big Three" of the Avengers tell Iron Fist, Cage, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to straighten this out, or else. The chick in the wheelchair at Nelson & Murdock quits, saying Matt's gone too far, but North and Nelson remain loyal and try to figure out what's going on. Tiger kills Tarantula (again) and eggs DD on to greater evils. The "street-level" heroes invade the pagoda, and many miniseries and one-shots ensue, in the "Shadlowland" event. Ghost Rider arrives, but The Hand drive him off (or something). Somehow Elektra gets involved. Also Black Panther. Oh, and The Punisher. But all these "street-level" character are defeated, because "The Beast" -- the animus behind The Hand -- is revealed to have been controlling Daredevil all along, and he whips them with ease. Elektra (I think) kills Daredevil and The Beast is forced out. Of course, DD isn't dead and he slips out as the heroes are arguing or something. Black Panther takes over as the protector of Hell's Kitchen (and Daredevil's numbering). Murdock, who is full of angst over the things he did as The Beast, slips away to his own miniseries Daredevil Reborn, whose title is self-explanatory. Oh, and a new Power Man is introduced, a teenage Hispanic kid who can absorb and direct chi.



If other Legionnaires can add more, please do.


My head hurts.

I agree with you, Clark, that Shadowland was a confused and confusing pseudo-epic grafting mystic, demonic elements to the one Marvel character least suited for those themes. The pluses were the death of Bullseye (for a while) though his killing was the event that spurred the Big Heroes into action, not DD becoming the leader of a cult of assassins and taking over part of New York City! And it gave us two terrific titles in Black Panther and Heroes For Hire!

And I still want Matt Murdock redeemed; apologetic and damaged but redeemed!

Maybe Matt and Foggie team in Tales of Defense!

The plot of Shadowland, on paper, sounds interesting. The execution of the plot of Shadowland was a complete disaster.


Brubaker left the title by having Matt take over the Hand. I believed, and still believe, that to be one of the most original plot movements to have occurred recently for the character. Given Matt's history, for him to step up and into the group that destroyed his love Elektra (originally), for him to confront and face the possible evil within himself, I thought was grand.


Instead, I got the Beast. Instead of a moral tragedy, I get a weak possession story. Lack on interior monologue hindered this event, so we the dear reader didn't find out till the end that it wasn't the Beast that killed Bullseye, it was Matt. Killing Bullseye is what allowed the demon to really start possessing him. So yes, Matt knows he is a killer (but he's been one before, for example in Born Again) and that's why he's off on this redemption kick.


I applaud Diggle for including elements of the Hand (namely the Snakeroot clan, the inner group that concocted this scheme to corrupt Matt) that haven't been seen in nearly 10 years or so, but Marvel's influence corrupted the story. There is no way that Logan is a 'street-level' fighter.


Sorry, I could rant all day about this. But everything I've read by Waid so far has me excited again. Matthew Murdock may finally get to see some sunshine.

Given his time writing Peter Parker, I'm sure that Waid will have Pete be one of the characters very worried about Matt's mental health.  Matt is very important to Pete, having stopped Spider-Man from killing the murderer in The Death of Jean DeWolff storyline from the 80s.  I've always felt that there was a strong sibling-like bond between Peter, Matt, Logan, and Johnny Storm.  Those four have always seemed to look out for each other. 

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