I'm seeing a lot of names I don't recognize here on the new site, and that's wonderful. I'm sure a number of them, perhaps even ALL of them are folks from the old board who have decided to start using their real names, but either way, introduce yourself here and let us know if your a fresh face or if you've simply stepped out of the phone both in your civilian identity!

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Don Collett said:
JeffCarter said:
I used to be known as "Jupiter". You know, the gas giant.


You and me both.
Oh come on, guys, I left it all set up for you!
There's something wrong with me, it's never crossed my mind to make up a name. I do love to get a good Googling from a stranger!

Mind, I am Krypto in one or two places that wouldn't let me have my own name.
Hmmm - not sure I like the fact this board seems to take forever and an age to move aroudn the forums, but that might eb my work setup....

Oh hi there - I'm Mike, but you will definitely be more familiar with me as The Culture Vulture. For variosu reasons too boring and strange to go into here, I'm using the new board to post as myself rather than usign a nom de plume. Forgive me if this confuses people for a while.

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