While about half the size of the Marvel versions, this has the first 16 issues of the classic NTT by Marv and George. Yeah...I've already ordered it.

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If I didn’t already own the first three New Teen Titans Archives I would definitely consider buying the omnibus. One thing I have discovered about the omnibuses, though, is they are often cumbersome to hold while reading. Given the choice, for reading purposes I’ve discover that I prefer a few smaller hardcover volumes to a single HUGE omnibus.

I hope, though, that they do the Marvel thing of reprinting all of the letters pages.  Plus, they are fun to read on your stomach on the floor with a cold drink.

Yes, the inclusion of those letters pages is definitely a cool addition... especially in the Marvel's formative years as in the first FF and Spidey editions. Not all of there omnibus-sized editions include the letters pages, though. I a big fan of Brubaker's Captain America. I've read the first 25 issues three times so far: first as they were being released, then later after the death of Cap, and when the omnibus was released, I read that, too. That's when I decided the omnibus editions weren't always such a good thing. Issues #26-50 I have in several smaller editions because they're much more convenient to re-read.


As long as we're on the subject (and I've got some time to kill), I thought I'd mention the Hulk Omnibus. Hulk was my first favorite character when I was a kid, and I spent years acquiring the stories contained in that volume, and years more replacing my reprints with the originals. (I still don't have originals of any of the first six issues, though.) Just to own that, all those comics between two covers, is something I could never have enen imagined growing up. Sometimes I read, but sometimes I just page through it and admire it.

Hey, all! I've never shelled out the big bucks for an omnibus before. What kinds of extra goodies are typically included, aside from the letters pages already mentioned. Like Jeff, I already own these NTT issues in the Archives as well as the original monthlies. Give me reasons to buy my first omnibus! :)

Welcome, Stephen!

Some of the volumes might include articles or uninked pencils if they don't include the letters. I also bought the "All-New, All-Different" X-Men one because I consider those issues (from #94-120-something) as one uninterrupted arc and like the idea of having it all between two covers, but my reasons may not be yours. I'm seriously considering the omnibus of Walt Simonson's Thor, which is a particular farorite of mine yet I don't have reprinted in any kind of archival format. My advice: go with your gut and get something for whatever reason is special to you.

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