I thought this might be a nice companion thread to "On the chopping block," where we can talk about currently running books that we're thinking of picking up in the middle of their run.

The one that comes to mind for me is Firestorm. Dan Jurgens is taking over with issue 13, and he purportedly is treating it like a first issue. Most of the "international firestorms" storyline is over with -- don't ask me how -- and it's apparently going back to being Ronnie and Jason in high school together, teaming up to be Firestorm. Which is what I wanted to read in the first place, so it's probably a good time to give it a chance.

So, any books you're thinking of hopping on to?

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Figserello said:

What's Gaiman got to do with Guardians of the Galaxy?


Apparently, he's going to be writing it.

Wandering Sensei: Emeritus said:

Alan: How close to Vernon Hills/Grayslake/Libertyville are you? I will be in that area this weekend and was wondering if there was a spot where I could poke my head in for FCBD sometime on Saturday. Not sure when I won't be coaching a karate tournament, but I'm hoping to hit some spot that late afternoon/evening.

I literally live down the street from Vernon Hills/Grayslake/Libertyville. Depending on where exactly you'll be and how much time you have, there are a couple of places I could recommend. You have my email and/or we're connected on Facebook, right? Shoot me a message.

The Baron said:

Figserello said:

What's Gaiman got to do with Guardians of the Galaxy?

Apparently, he's going to be writing it.

From what they were saying at one of the Marvel panels last weekend, Gaiman will be co-writing starting with (but not exclusive to) issue 5. To say I cannot imagine what a Gaiman-Bendis collaboration will look like is understating things.

So, in conclusion: nothing makes sense anymore.

Re:  Gaiman/Angela/Guardians/Bendis - Couldn't have put it better myself.

It could be one of those wacky pairing that is pure gold. Then again it is a wacky pairing that is right up my (wacky?) alley.

Figserello said:

So, in conclusion: nothing makes sense anymore.

Re:  Gaiman/Angela/Guardians/Bendis - Couldn't have put it better myself.

I can only guess that Gaiman wanted to make a few bob off the character to pay off the lawyers fees after his bout with McFarlane.  His closeness to Marvel on this project bodes well for Marvelman developments.


But he's enough of an artist to want to at least introduce his character in the best way, hoping that will keep them from doing anything really dumb with her going forward.


It's all good, in any case. 

I might be back on the bandwagon with GI Joe.  I dropped the initial IDW relaunch early on but this second volume has been a lot more fun.  It's nice to see the Joes back in costume as well. 

Yup, I'm definitely back on the GI Joe bandwagon.  GI Joe #1 was awesome.  #2 was good enough that I came back for #3 and then #3 was awesome again.  So that makes me happy.  (though I'd be even happier if they got a better cover artist, this Juan Doe guy is awful).  GI Joe Special Missions #1 and 2 have been very good as well so that's two Joe titles for me. 

I'm also on board for East of West and Jupiter's Legacy.  Image has some great books these days.  Of course, it helps to have great creative teams. 

I'm on board (for a few issues, at least) with Suicide Squad. I'm a longtime fan of the title, but what I saw of the New 52 relaunch didn't impress me. But with issue 20 there's a new writer, Ales Kot, who's impressed me in interviews about the Squad, and I like Patrick Zircher's art. I wasn't able to make it to my LCS this week, but I was able to make it to another shop near where I was working, and so I picked up Suicide Squad, knowing it was a jump-on point, and not on my pull list. It doesn't pull punches, but I think it shows some promise. I'm in... on a probationary basis, of course.

As I've said recently, I'm on the bandwagon with Joe Hill's Locke & Key. This is such an intriguing book, and it is also just very readable. I've said this already, I know, but something about how he writes (like father like son?) just draws you in and makes it hard to put down. I normally hate horror stories, but I bought this through Comixology and have loved it. It doesn't matter that this is a horror book--I normally hate horror--but it's just the fact that this is very well written.

I found the same to be true of Joe Hill's The Cape, by the way. Horror: definitely. Enjoyable: also definitely.

I'll be reading those eventually; I'm reading his NOS4A2 right now, and it's terrific.

So I just got back from my comic show, where I dropped most DC from my pull list. No more Earth 2, All-Star Western, Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Justice League, JLA, Forever Evil, etc -- only Flash, Wonder Woman, and The Movement for the time being. 

Which means I can try out a bunch of new titles. I'll be checking out Archer and Armstrong, definitely, but I haven't had a chance to read the free issue one from Comixology yet. But today I picked up Indestructible Hulk, Red Sonja, and Brain Boy -- and expect a number of other existing series to get added to my list. Possibly Hawkeye, maybe X-O Man Of War, and who knows what else. It's exciting!

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