Our Friend, Rich Lane

Hello All! Our friend and longtime Legionnaire Rich Lane is having health issues, and could use any help that anyone can give. Per his son, Patrick, "He won't be able to be at full strength again and will need someone to be with him for the rest of his life."
Rich has started a GoFundMe , if anyone is in a position to help out financially.
No pressure, I know what it's like to be skint and just getting by yourself, but anything you can do would be appreciated

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  • Thanks for posting this, Baron.
  • Rich had mentioned some health issues on Facebook, but I had no idea things were this bad. Thanks for posting this.

  • Good lord, what happened? His symptoms read like liver failure. This is awful.

  • When a friend of ours was waiting for a liver transplant (she needed heart surgery before they would do it) she was as orange as Homer Simpson, except her eyes were orange, too. She had both treatments and is still with us and generally healthy.

    Captain Comics said:

    Good lord, what happened? His symptoms read like liver failure. This is awful.

  • I haven't heard anything more, so far, Skipper.  If Pat posts anything more, I'll pass it along.

    Captain Comics said:

    Good lord, what happened? His symptoms read like liver failure. This is awful.

  • Oh, man. I had no idea his health issues were that dire until I saw this last night. I just looked on Pat's FB page, and so far there's nothing more. 

  • Hello, folks -

    Pat Lane has posted an update on Rich's health, and I'm afraid that it's not good news:

    "We've appreciated everyone reaching out to check on Dad. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. I wish we had better news to share. Dad has end stage Cirrhosis. Unfortunately, it looks like he only has a few months left if we're lucky. He's developed reoccurring fluid build up in his stomach that causes a buildup in ammonia which makes him incoherent and confused. He's down to 129lbs and they regularly have been taking 20lbs of the fluid out at a time. He has moments of clarity after drainings, but it doesn't last long. Yesterday we briefly talked comics and Star Trek and I'll cherish that forever. This morning, he was unresponsive and taken to the hospital in Titusville. They're waiting for a bed to open up in Erie because it's better equipped to take care of him. They consider him stable right now, so all we can do is wait.

    We know that so many of you care deeply for dad, whether you're family, friends, former students, the people he regularly pissed off on here, or some combination of them all, so we thought we'd let everyone know what's happening. Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. I know he'd genuinely appreciate it (even the prayers)."

    I'll keep you folks posted if I hear anything further.

  • Well... shit.

  • Oh, no! Awful news.

  • Damn
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