This isn't real -- Time hasn't yet announced its Person of the Year -- but it might as well be:

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I haven't heard it yet, but there's apparently a really good interview with Marvin Kaplan on Gilbert Gotfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast.

There always seems to be a spate of famous deaths at the end of any calendar year; thus, we tend to forget those who passed away in the first few months.  I just finished going through lists of those notable persons who died in each month of this year (so far).  I was surprised at how many names I had forgotten, but even more surprised at those whose passing had completely slipped by my radar.

To help us remember, I've ginned up a list below of those notables who died in CY-2016.  I drew it from the names I recognised as I scoured the obits, so there will be a great many television and film names (especially from the early days), including character actors.  And there will be almost no sports figures, except for the most famous sorts; and I'll have missed 90% of musicians who appeared since 1965.  And there are no foreign names.  

But even with those exemptions, the list of notables who died this year is still extensive:

Actors and Actresses (primarily known for) Television

Eddie Applegate / Patricia Barry / Hagen Beggs / Peter Brown / Noreen Corcoran / Larry Drake / Ann-Morgan Guilbert / Patty Duke / Ronnie Claire Edwards / Abel Fernandez / Bernard Fox / Lisa Gaye / George Gaynes / Ron Glass / Tammy Grimes / Don Haggerty / Pat Harrington, Jr. / Florence Henderson / Steven Hill / Robert Horton / Ken Howard / Marvin Kaplan / Richard Libertini / Don Marshall / Mike Minor / Noel Neill / Stuart Nisbet / James Noble / Hugh O'Brian / Jack Riley / Doris Roberts / Joe Santos / William Schallert / Garry Shandling / Madeleine Sherwood / James Stacy / Alan Thicke / Robert Vaughn / Abe Vigoda / Janet Waldo / Fritz Weaver / Van Williams / John Zacherle

Actors and Actresses (primarily known for) Film

Don Calfa / Charmian Carr / Johnny Duncan / Fyvush Finkel / Don Francks / Rita Gam / Anne Jackson / George Kennedy / Marnie Nixon / Alan Rickman / Theresa Saldana / Angus Scrimm / Jerry Tucker / Gene Wilder

Behind the Scenes in Film/Television

Sir Ken Adam / Michael Cimino / Earl Hamner, Jr. / Garry Marshall / Agnes Nixon / Grant Tinker


Ken Delo / Pete Fountain / Gogi Grant / Merle Haggard / Sonny James / Kitty Kallen / Julius La Rosa / Frank Sinatra, Jr. / Kay Starr / Bobby Vee


Joe Garagiola / Gordie Howe / Muhammad Ali / Arnold Palmer

Other Fields

Bob Elliot / Jack Elrod / Rob Ford / Sen. John Glenn / Tom Hayden / Harper Lee / Melvin Laird / Nancy Reagan / Janet Reno / Paul Ryan / Morley Safer / Phyllis Schlafly

And, as I mentioned, there's a lot of folks not on my list that you younger folks would recognise.

One death I would like to highlight: "Don Marshall, Actor on ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Land of the Giants,’ Dies ... and this one: "Don Marshall, Who Made Casting History in 'Land of the Giants,' Is...

Don Marshall might have been thought of as a conventional leading man -- he certainly had the good looks and charm -- were he of a different ethnicity. But broke through at a time when leading roles for Black people were limited, and made the most of them. Certainly his one-episode turn on Star Trek: The Original Series is well remembered.

I remember him best from Land of the Giants, which was daily afternoon viewing when I came home from school. It was a cool thing to see him as the competent authority figure. Times being what they were, as an actor you take what you can get. Which is the only reason I can see why he participated in The Thing With Two Heads, a movie you CANNOT watch with your brain engaged, lest you suffer permanent harm. Apart from that, he carried his roles with class and dignity.

Rest well, Mr. Marshall. 

I'd forgotten that Jack Elrod passed this year.  Mark Trail hasn't been the same without him.

"To help us remember, I've ginned up a list below of those notables who died in CY-2016."

And my brother. Goddammit.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"To help us remember, I've ginned up a list below of those notables who died in CY-2016."

And my brother. Goddammit.

You've taken some hard hits this year, and that's a  fact.

Before there was Kim Kardashian, before there was Paris Hilton, even before there was Dagmar, there was someone famous for being famous: "Zsa Zsa Gabor, Often-Married Actress Known for Glamour, Dies"

Slate magazine is doing a restrospective of Stevie Wonder all this week, just because we've lost so many icons this year and we ought to appreciate him while we've got him: "Love's In Need of Love Today"

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