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I was watching the Savage/Warrior "retirement" match on disk last night, and it came to the ending where Elizabeth threw Sherri out of the ring, and the thought came to me, "Both of these women are dead now, it's depressing."

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  • RIP Ole Anderson   Another  legend gone.

    Ole Anderson Dies at Age 81; Wrestling Icon Was Original Member of Four Horsemen
    Wrestling legend Ole Anderson, who was an original member of the Four Horsemen stable, has died. He was 81. WWE shared the news Monday: Ric Flair, th…
  • RIP Mike "Virgil" Jones

    WWE Legend Virgil Dies: Wrestling Star Mike Jones Was 61
    Some sad news coming out of Pittsburgh this morning as the pro wrestling veteran known as Virgil, real name Mike Jones, passed away at the age of 61.…
    • I still remember going to a very sparsely attended convention one time, and he was there. He got mad and left on Saturday. That being said I always loved him as Ted DiBiasde's bodyguard.

  • RIP Paul "Butcher" Vachon  These things do seem to happen in threes.

    Paul ‘The Butcher’ Vachon Passes Away At Age 86
    Pat Laprade took to social media on March 1 to announce that former wrestler and promoter Paul Vachon died at the age of 86 on February 29. Vachon be…
  • So,Heyman's fetting into  the Hall of Fame, assuming he doesn't get fired between now and Wrestlemania, wich is always a possiblity with him.



  • A Pro Wrestling "Elseworlds": What if Paul Heyman had had Tony Khan level money available to him when he took over ECW?

    Don't get  me wrong, "lack of money" wasn't the  only problem with ECW, but  imagine if Heyman had never bounced a check, and been able to  outbid McMahon and Bischoff when they came poaching his stars?



  • Paul Heyman is one of those guys I will never understand. He gets a lot of respect in the wrestling world, but I've always thought he was a tool who hitched his wagon to people who were already on their way up or at the apex.

    • Heyman's a great talker, you really believe that he's a two-faced, lying scumbag.

  • RIP Sika Anoa'i, one half of the Wild Samoans tag team with his brother, Afa, and father  of former champion Roman Reigns.

    WWE Hall of Famer Sika Anoa'i Dies at Age 79; Father of Roman Reigns
    WWE Hall of Famer Sika Anoa'i, the father of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, has died at the age of 79. WWE made the announcement on Tuesday. Sika Anoaʻi…
  • Regarding this "Uncle Howdy": stuff:

    I don't  have a problem  with a wrestling faction that's presented as a "cult"  with a "Dear Leader"  that everyone is brainwashed by. What I do  have a problem  with is when they try to imply that people have genuine supernatural powers, and to be fair, I never liked  ti when they did it when they did it with the Undertaker, Kane and Paul Bearer, or the Brood or Papa Shango.  Yes, pro wrestling  isn't "real", but for me, it needs to have a certain basis in "reality" just as you  wouldn't have actual ghosts or wizards show up in Adam-12 or Medical Center.

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