I've setup a DC Comics "My QuizUp Topic" at QuizUp.com.  

I'm trying to go pretty broad, however, I'm far from an encyclopedia and was wondering if anyone might like to help in coming up with some questions?  Basically, I'm trying to stick with questions about the characters (the heroes, their villains, supporting casts) and major or unique stories or trivia and avoid questions where the answers are about time frames, creators, secret identities, or issue numbers, (I do have questions about them, but I've pretty much got those covered).  Also, the answers need to be five words or less...

If you can help, please post the questions in this thread and message me with the answers.

The characters I could really use a hand on are: 

Adam Strange

Animal Man

The Atom

Batgirl (all of them)

Birds of Prey

Black Lightning

Blue Devil


Doom Patrol

Dr. Fate

Elongated Man


Harley Quinn



Infinity Inc.

Jonah Hex


Metal Men

The New Gods

Plastic Man

Power Girl

Red Tornado

Sgt. Rock

The Spectre


Suicide Squad


Swamp Thing

Teen Titans (Wolfman and Perez)

Teen Titans (not Wolfman and Perez)

Vertigo Comics


Wildstorm Comics


I'm hoping to do 5 (or more) questions on each of these.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So, anyone up for the challenge?

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Swamp Thing:

1) Who killed Linda Holland?

2) How tall is Swamp Thing and how much does he weigh? (Not from Who's Who!)

3) What was Abigail Arcane's occupation in her first appearance?

4) What super-hero was Swamp Thing supposed to fight right before his book got cancelled?

5) In what title did Swamp Thing and Deadman first 'meet"?

Thanks Philip.

I could probably use a few more Swamp Thing questions.  Anyone else feel like giving a couple a shot?  They don't have to be hard, in fact it's probably better if they're not.  (I'm trying to mix simple and slightly harder questions.)

With Halloween coming, lets try for some Vertigo questions.


1. What DC character did Neil Gaiman first revisit, before The Sandman?

2. In what series was the character John Constantine first created, and by whom?

3. What imprint was originally going to publish several early Vertigo titles (e.g. Enigma, Mercy, Sebastian O and  Shadows Fall)?

4. What Marvel imprint did Vertigo reprint stories from?

5. What was the first ongoing series published by Vertigo (that had not been previously published under the DC imprint)?

All set for Vertigo questions... anyone able to lend a hand on Plastic Man?

I'm stretching myself a bit thin but....

1) What was the original Plastic Man's first DC appearance?

2) What femme fatale drove Plas crazy?

3) What was Plas' first super-team?

4) What was the only time Plas encountered a member of the Freedom Fighters?

5) Plastic Man has had several children in his long career: name three.

...I can't/wont take the time for all of this , but 1):

  HOUSE OF MYSTERY #160 . Among my " first few " comic books :-) !

(SPOILER: Um , you're not going to argue that the Plastic Man shown in that story wasn't " the original " Plas ~ are ya ?????

  The one of us who argued that the Plastic Man who was in the 60s series and the Brave & Bold team-ups was the mentally ill son of the Quality Plas made an interesting argument...)

...Are you , Mutt , arguing for a Vertigo PM series ?

  I don't believe there's ever been one ~ Most people who argue for (yet another) new Plas series argue that he would be a great kid's/all-ages/(perhaps not literally , but...) Adventures character !

  I'm Facebook friends  with Fred Hembeck , I r4ecently compliments a drawing of Plas he posted by saying " You could be the artist on DC's next , umpteenth plus one , attempt to revive PM ! " , or similar !

...Oh , actually , I have long thought that Doctor Thirteen could be a good Vertigo character ! I remember his newspaper strip-like back ups in THE PHANTOM STRANGER of the early 70s fondly .

...OK , I see you were looking for quiz stuff , I just thought this was a Vertigo line generally speaking .

Hey Emerkeith, yeah, this threads pretty much here to get help with quiz questions.

...Are you , Mutt , arguing for a Vertigo PM series ?

Never even contemplated it, although I would argue that PM might be better served with a straight man sidekick rather than Woozy Winks.  I'm also kind of surprised that when DC was trying to diversify their stable, they never did any major retcon with Plastic Man, as he seems to me like he'd be the easiest one of their characters to make flamboyantly gay.

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