I've setup a DC Comics "My QuizUp Topic" at QuizUp.com.  

I'm trying to go pretty broad, however, I'm far from an encyclopedia and was wondering if anyone might like to help in coming up with some questions?  Basically, I'm trying to stick with questions about the characters (the heroes, their villains, supporting casts) and major or unique stories or trivia and avoid questions where the answers are about time frames, creators, secret identities, or issue numbers, (I do have questions about them, but I've pretty much got those covered).  Also, the answers need to be five words or less...

If you can help, please post the questions in this thread and message me with the answers.

The characters I could really use a hand on are: 

Adam Strange

Animal Man

The Atom

Batgirl (all of them)

Birds of Prey

Black Lightning

Blue Devil


Doom Patrol

Dr. Fate

Elongated Man


Harley Quinn



Infinity Inc.

Jonah Hex


Metal Men

The New Gods

Plastic Man

Power Girl

Red Tornado

Sgt. Rock

The Spectre


Suicide Squad


Swamp Thing

Teen Titans (Wolfman and Perez)

Teen Titans (not Wolfman and Perez)

Vertigo Comics


Wildstorm Comics


I'm hoping to do 5 (or more) questions on each of these.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So, anyone up for the challenge?

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How about for the next one we go with Sgt. Rock.

What company is Rock a part of>

Which member of Rock's company is nicknamed after a piece of construction equipment>?

Rock's not as easy, simply because there wasn't a whole lot of continuity there. Kanigher pretty much ignored whatever had happened before if it made for a good story. I can recall at least three instances where Ice Cream Soldier was killed, for instance.

Randy Jackson said:

What company is Rock a part of>

Which member of Rock's company is nicknamed after a piece of construction equipment>?

Back in the day, they never said what company Rock belonged to, because Rock was meant to represent the average Joe. A specific answer was given in the 2009 Sgt. Rock miniseries by Billy Tucci, Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, which wasn't really a Sgt. Rock story at all. It was a telling of the true-life incident where footsoldiers from the 36th Division were surrounded by an overwhelming force and were rescued by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, composed of American-born Japanese soldiers. I supposed they shoehorned in Rock and the Combat-Happy Joes of Easy Company to make it sell, or something, but it was a bad fit.

There also was a specific answer given in the 2003 Vertigo miniseries Sgt. Rock: Between Hell and a Hard Place, written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by the master, Joe Kubert. I don't recall whether both series gave the same specific answer, however.   

Randy Jackson said:

Rock's not as easy, simply because there wasn't a whole lot of continuity there. Kanigher pretty much ignored whatever had happened before if it made for a good story. I can recall at least three instances where Ice Cream Soldier was killed, for instance.

Not exactly ... as I note over here in "Deck Log Entry # 97 War-Horses of a Different Colour":

ClarkKent_DC said:

One other point about the lack of continuity in Sgt. Rock stories: They always bounced willy-nilly along the time line. This month's issue might be set in Italy, next month's in the desert in North Africa, the following one in the winter in Germany, the one after that showing the Joes plowing through the hedgerows in France. There is a rough continuity, however: Rock enlisted in the Army shortly after Pearl Harbor, got a battlefield promotion to sergeant, and he and Easy made their way across North Africa, participated in the Anzio invasion in Italy and fought from one end of the boot to the other, went across France and from there into Germany, where they were at the war's end.

That being said:

ClarkKent_DC said:

Along the way, Ice Cream Soldier died and then was brought back, but Zack the bazookaman lost an arm, and that stuck; he was replaced by a pair of guys, Short Round and Long Round (one actually fired the bazooka, the other carried his ammo). And there was a skipper (who was called only Skipper), a bald man with eyeglasses, who did appear somewhat regularly after other anonymous skippers came and went.

In short, the Sgt. Rock strip followed the approach to presenting Rock's life and times the way Marvel did with Conan the Barbarian, which told tales from his youth, his middle age, and his final fate as King Conan, depending on which Conan title you were reading. I remember reading a profile of one Conan artist who put it this way: You might be reading one of his stories in, say, the flagship book Conan the Barbarian, but if you wanted to know how it ended, you had to go find an issue of Savage Tales that was published three years ago!

Who was the first character from another feature to guest-star in Sgt Rock's?

What was the first book-length Sgt Rock story, and where did it appear?

What did Sgt Rock and Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth (pre-Crisis) have in common, other than that they both fought in WWII?

What Sgt Rock story was reprinted as an Unknown Soldier story?

What was the first story in which Sgt Rock met other DC war heroes?

What character was Sgt Rock's arch-enemy?

Thanks for the help guys.

All set for Rock... I'm thinking Zatanna next.

Yrt a ti evig ll'I yako:

1) Who is Zatanna's ancestor on her father's side?

2) Who was the villain behind her epic quest for her father?

3)Which villain used her without her knowledge as a power source against Superman and Batman?

4) Which hero first saw her in her George Perez costume (her third) and why?

5) Who caught her eye during the Justice League Detroit era?

4) Barry "Flash" Allen, because the two of them were together in monitor duty when she decided to try the change as a means of developing her own personality without direct reference to either of her parents.

I know 5 as well.  It was Dale Gunn, who was sort of the keeper of their headquarters.  I don't think much came of it, though.  Too bad.  JLDetroit is not well liked, but it really did try to develop its characters.

Zatanna could make an interestingly complex character if someone really put his or her mind to it.  She had flirts or more with Barry Allen, Dale Gunn and John Constantine (if we consider the Hellblazer appearances in continuity).  That is a considerably wide spectrum and could be developed into a hint of a well developed character.  Too bad it is not likely to happen.

Ok, now we're looking for questions about Jonah Hex.

When did Jonah Hex first acquire his ivory-handled dragoons?

When did he get rid of them?

Who was Hex's first wife?

Who was Hex's second wife?

How many children does Hex have?

How did Hex get that burn scar?

Who was the man with the eagle-topped cane? And why was he Hex's enemy?

Who created the character Jonah Hex?

The early stories written by Michael L. Fleischer credited "script continuity" to Russell Carley. What does that mean? 

In Hex (1985 series), what was the name of Jonah Hex's partner in adventure?

Who was responsible for Jonah Hex's transference to the future?

When in the future, Jonah Hex met an imitator of what well-known superhero?

Centurion, Manta, Starkad, the Sun Hawk and Stanley Harris together made up what group?

What 90s superhero met a supermodel who became a bounty hunter who at times looked and acted as if she were possessed by Jonah Hex?

What super-villain sent Jonah Hex, the Viking Prince, the Black Pirate, Miss Liberty and Enemy Ace to attack the JLA and JSA?

In what issue did Jonah Hex meet Bat Lash, Scalphunter and Cinnamon?

We're good for Hex questions.  Next up... Firestorm.

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