Loooking back, I regret not buying the Marvel Western reprint series and Sgt.Fury. I missed the All-New X-Men and Miller's Daredevil which weren't titles I bought then. For DC, I ignored most of their war books, except for the occasional Unknown Soldier.


What's your collecting regret?

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Chris Fluit said:
I'm also second-guessing my decision of fourteen months or so ago to buy the Superman titles featuring the World Without a Superman story instead of the Batman titles featuring Dick as Batman, and Tim as Red Robin. I enjoyed the Superman titles for a little while but they lost me about six months in. I wonder if I would have happier for a longer time with the Batman family.

Interesting ... I passed on those because I haven't seen "my" Batman in the comics for many years, and the prospect of having an ersatz Batman and Robin team held less than zero interest for me -- especially because I think it's somehow wrong that there is no place for today's readers to see the original Batman and Robin team.

But I've liked the "World Without a Superman" story more than I thought I would, right up to the ending in this week's War of the Supermen issue.
Remember DC's Legends? The crossovers of that series were labled with numerical chapters on the covers although the story didn't flow from one title to another any more than usual. I was bound and determined not to be "taken in" by this blatant marketing gimmick (and I wasn't), but now I kinda wish I had been. It'd be neat to have such a "time capsule of the DCU in 1987. sure, I could do that any month, but the comics wouldn't be visually linked by numerical chapters on the covers. That's not a big regret, but I think of it every time I'm digging through that particular longbox.
With all the crossovers, *event* series and numerous guest appearances, maybe chapter numbers aren't such a bad thing. It would be nice not to have the same character in six different books doing six different things!

Only ever got one issue of Kirby's Fourth World while it was coming out, New Gods#5 I think, and only one issue of The Demon, the second to last issue. I could get the reprints now but it wouldn't be quite the same thing as getting them while they were coming out.

This is going to sound incredibly shallow and recent, but I really regret not even giving a second thought about not buying Batman/Darkness when it came out. It's impossible to find now at a decent price, and I am mostly curious about seeing the artwork.

Haven't heard of it but if it's fairly recent it seems like they'd reissue it in a collection.

One other regret: Not buying the first issue of Heavy Metal when I saw it way back when. 

I regret passing up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they first appeared. My comic shop at the time actually put the first issue aside for me, anticipating my interest. After flipping through the first issue, I politely declined, with ia Spock like raised eyebrow.

Realizing my error, when this issue quickly sold out and the turtles went on to fame and fortune, I snapped up Fish Police shortly thereafter. Strike two.

My big regret is only comics-related. There was a cool Swamp Thing statue I passed up at HeroesCon a few years back. I remember it as reasonably priced, if not cheap, and I've never seen one like it since at any price.

My big regret is that I passed on several issues of Amazing Adult Fantasy back in the 70s to buy several recent superhero comics. (They were pretty much the same price at the time.)

Closure, of a sort. I'm pretty sure I was drooling over the full sized version of this statue (now going for $250+). But here's the miniature version I just received:

Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod) said:

My big regret is only comics-related. There was a cool Swamp Thing statue I passed up at HeroesCon a few years back. I remember it as reasonably priced, if not cheap, and I've never seen one like it since at any price.

I regret not getting in on the new52 Animal Man series.

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